Hawthorn diet teaches you how to lose weight with hawthorn

eating Hawthorn can lose weight, but the Hawthorn here refers to hawthorn fruit, rather than processed Hawthorn slice, hawthorn cake and so on, these snacks in the process of processing added a lot of sugar, make sugar and calories are very high, eat easily fat, so, weight loss people must pay attention to it. Hawthorn can lose weight because the lipase in Hawthorn can promote the digestion of fatty food and remove the excess fat in the body. If you insist on eating every day, it will also have a good effect on weight loss. Today we recommend a few Hawthorn diet.

Hawthorn weight loss recommended

1, hawthorn soup

raw materials: 500 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of sugar. Method: wash the hawthorn with water, remove the pedicels and seeds, and boil them in water. The hawthorn is thoroughly cooked. Put in white sugar and drink the soup.

Hawthorn diet recommendation

2, hawthorn Yinju drink

raw materials: hawthorn, Yinhua, chrysanthemum 10 grams each. Making method: Smash hawthorn, put it in a cup with honeysuckle and chrysanthemum, and drink it for one day.

Hawthorn diet recommendation

3, hawthorn orange drink

raw materials: raw hawthorn, orange peel, lotus leaf each 20g, raw coix seed 10g. Preparation: grind the above ingredients together, put them into a thermos and brew them with boiling water. Drink them in 1 day. It’s valid in March.

Hawthorn diet recommendation

4, hawthorn melon skin drink

raw materials: Hawthorn 20g, wax gourd skin 30g, Shouwu, huaishujiao each 10g. Preparation: put the above ingredients into the pot together, decoct for 20 minutes, and drink after filtering.

5, bodybuilding Xiaozhi tea

raw materials: 20 grams of hawthorn, 7 grams of Alisma orientalis, semen Raphani, malt, tea, Agastache rugosa, red soybean, Poria cocos, Cassia obtusifolia, tangerine peel, liushenqu and Prunella vulgaris. Making method: put the above flavors into casserole, add water, filter juice and drink for one day.

6, bodybuilding Xiaozhi tea

raw materials: raw hawthorn, raw Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Prunella vulgaris, Alisma orientalis, semen Raphani, tea 10 grams each. Making method: put all the above flavors into a casserole, add water, decoct, filter juice and drink for 1 day.

7, shuanggen tea

raw materials: 15g tea root, 15g hawthorn and 15g reed root. Method: the above taste with boiling 20 minutes, juice drinking.

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