Hawthorn skin smooth meat yellow just sweet

golden autumn season, hawthorn mature. Eat some sweet and sour hawthorn, not only supplement the nutrition, but also Jianwei Xiaoshi.

hawthorn is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially its lipase can promote the digestion of fatty food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn has the effect of eliminating accumulation and resolving stagnation, astringent and stopping dysentery, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

Hawthorn tastes sour. It’s really a science to buy something sweet. Zhang Rui, a researcher at the Institute of agriculture, forestry and fruit trees of Beijing Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences, told life times that there are five ways to choose hawthorn, which is sweet and sour. 1、 Fruit shaped. Hawthorn flat round partial acid, approximate round partial sweet. 2、 Fruit point. Hawthorn skin is a little more. Fruit spots dense and rough acid, small and smooth sweet. 3、 Origin. Acidophilus from Shandong and Northeast China; Hebei and Henan are moderately sweet and sour. 4、 Flesh color. The flesh is white, yellow or red; Green acid. 5、 Flesh texture. Soft and sweet; Hard and dense acid. When selecting, choose one of the five methods.

Hawthorn tastes sour. People and old people who have too much acid in their stomach should use it to soak water and cook porridge instead of eating it directly. Hawthorn brown sugar water, hawthorn wolfberry porridge, not only make up for the sour, but also Jianwei Xiaoshi, nutrition and taste.

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