Health knowledge you must know about packing food

when family and friends have dinner parties, it is inevitable that when there is a little too much food, they will mostly choose to pack leftovers home. But how to better preserve its nutritional value after packaging? You may not know, so tell you something about food packaging.

1, vegetables should not be packed

. Some overnight vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, not only have damaged their nutritional value, but also produce pathogenic nitrite. Although the amount produced each time is far from causing food safety accidents. The “no leftover vegetables” mentioned here are mainly considered from the loss of nutritional value and the decline of eating taste.

2. Put packaged food in the refrigerator after it is cool. This is because the hot food suddenly enters the low temperature environment, and the food center is prone to qualitative change. Moreover, the hot gas brought in by the food will cause the condensation of water vapor and promote the growth of mold, which leads to the mildew of the whole food in the refrigerator.

3, packaged food must be heated

, because the temperature of the refrigerator can only inhibit the growth of bacteria, not completely kill them. If you don’t heat it before eating, it can cause discomfort after eating, such as diarrhea or diarrhea.

4, packaged food should not be put for a long time,

, the storage time of leftovers should not be separated between meals, and it is best to eat it in 5-6 hours. Because under normal circumstances, through the high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius heating, a few minutes can kill some bacteria, viruses and parasites. However, if the food is stored for a long time, the bacteria in the food will release chemical toxins, which can not be heated. In addition, we should also pay attention not to heat leftovers repeatedly, because repeated freezing will cause the loss of food tissue and nutrients.

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