Healthy drinking should follow the principles of food anti alcohol tips

in China’s wine culture has a long history, as if the number of drinking on behalf of deep feelings or not, but often many people because of excessive drinking and cause alcoholic liver, or more serious liver disease. Remind, reasonable drinking, don’t leave sorrow to our liver. Now follow to understand it!

When drinking,

5, bean curd to relieve alcohol & mdash& mdash; Prevention of drunkenness

because cysteine in tofu can promote the metabolism of ethanol and reduce the harm of ethanol to the body. When drinking, tofu dishes can effectively alleviate and prevent drunkenness.

6, pear hangover & mdash& mdash; Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pear tastes sweet and acidic, and has the effects of generating body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening lung, eliminating dryness and cooling heart, eliminating phlegm and fire, and relieving sores and poison. In addition, pear is also rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, which can protect liver and promote hepatocyte compensation. Pear can be cut into slices, and Beijing cake together to make cold dishes, eat in the meal, or slice the pear into pear soup, all can be used to relieve alcohol.

7& mdash; Reduce fever after drinking

wine is mostly spicy and hot food. Chinese cabbage has the effect of nourishing stomach and promoting body fluid, clearing away heat and detoxification. It can just restrain the hot and dry nature of wine, relieve alcohol toxicity, reduce dry mouth, thirst, irritability and fever after drinking. Shred the cabbage, mix with vinegar and sugar, marinate for 10 minutes.

8, Grapefruit & mdash& mdash; Elimination of drunk breath

Li Shizhen has long recorded that grapefruit can relieve alcohol in compendium of Materia Medica. Dice the grapefruit meat and dip it in sugar, which has a wonderful effect on eliminating the wine and odor in the mouth after drinking.

9& mdash; Fast increase physical strength

pasta can be quickly converted into glucose after eating, which is conducive to blood supply for the human body and increase physical strength. Due to its fermentation process and neutralizing effect on gastric acid, the body will feel comfortable immediately after eating.

10& mdash; Relieving thirst after drinking

lotus root has the effect of eliminating nausea and vomiting, generating body fluid to quench thirst, and has a good therapeutic effect on thirst after drinking and vomiting. Mash the fresh lotus root to get the juice and drink, which has a certain effect on eliminating the symptoms of drunkenness.

After drinking

11, Pueraria Jiejiu & mdash& mdash; Decomposing alcohol

Pueraria lobata is a kind of precious traditional Chinese medicine with the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, decomposing alcohol, strengthening stomach and protecting liver《 It is recorded in the Pharmacopoeia of Yunnan materia medica; Kudzu flower can relieve alcohol and invigorate the spleen, treat diet without thinking, stomach hurt by alcohol poison, and eliminate heat& rdquo; The best effect is to add 30 g of Pueraria lobata with proper amount of water and decoction.

12, vinegar for alcohol & mdash& mdash; Decomposition of alcohol

acid will produce acetate and water when it meets with alcohol, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to human body. Drunk with rice vinegar or vinegar 60 grams, brown sugar 25 grams, ginger 5 grams, add water, fried after drinking.

13& mdash; Ginger has the effect of warming the middle and stopping vomiting. There are records in Daming materia medica on treating nausea and vomiting, detoxifying alcohol and eliminating persistent food. If you have nausea and vomiting after drinking, you can take a small piece of ginger in your mouth to stop vomiting.

14& mdash; Sugarcane is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It can clear away heat and produce body fluid and detoxify alcohol. Sugarcane is rich in sucrose, fructose and glucose, which can effectively recover the energy loss caused by alcohol metabolism. Can be peeled sugarcane juice drinking, has a certain role in anti alcohol.

15, doutang Jiejiu & mdash& mdash; Soybean lecithin has protective effect on alcoholic liver injury, while soybean isoflavone can promote the decomposition of ethanol, reduce the concentration of ethanol in blood, accelerate the excretion of ethanol, and protect liver cells from free radicals and poisons, so it has the effect of antialcoholism. With mung beans, red beans, black beans each 50 grams, add licorice 15 grams, boiled, beans and soup taken together, can refresh, relieve alcoholism symptoms.

16& mdash; Protecting the liver

kiwifruit is rich in vitamins, which has the effects of protecting the liver and antioxidation. It can reduce the peroxidation damage of liver and body tissues caused by ethanol, and the anti alcohol effect of kiwifruit takes effect quickly. 2 ~ 3 kiwifruit can be eaten after drinking, and then 2 kiwifruit can be eaten after 30 minutes, which has a good effect of anti alcohol and liver protection.

17& mdash; Eliminate alcohol gas

use 500 grams of raw white radish, wash and squeeze juice, take the place of tea, drink one cup each time, drink 2 ~ 3 times, have the effect of relieving alcohol and eliminating alcohol gas. Or eat some raw white radish, can have the effect of sobering up.

18& mdash; Traditional Chinese medicine believes that water chestnut is sweet and cool. It has the effect of clearing away heat, promoting diuresis and resolving phlegm. It can relieve alcohol and relieve thirst. Water chestnut about 20 peeled, juiced drinking, has a certain role in anti alcohol.

19 , Hovenia dulcis Thunb& mdash; Xingjiu Anshen

Fructus aurantii is the fruit of a plant, which is sold in traditional Chinese medicine stores. Li Shizhen said it in compendium of Materia Medica; Anti emesis, detoxification, insect repellent & quot;, It can clear away heat and diuresis. In addition, Hovenia dulcis contains a lot of glucose and organic acids, which can not only expand the blood volume of human body, but also detoxify alcohol, so it has the effect of sobering up and calming the nerves. In case of dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting after drinking, drink 10 grams of Hovenia dulcis seed with boiling water for 10 minutes.

20, persimmon hangover & mdash& mdash; Relieving headache

persimmon contains tannin and enzyme, vitamin C is 3-4 times higher than that of citrus, these substances are sobering; Good helper;, Therefore, some time-honored hotels will deliver a plate of persimmon desserts after drinking. After getting drunk, eating two persimmons can also relieve the headache the next day.

21, watermelon & mdash& mdash; Stabilizing mood

watermelon juice is a natural Baihu Decoction. On the one hand, it can accelerate the excretion of alcohol from urine and avoid being absorbed by the body. On the other hand, watermelon juice itself has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, which can help cool the whole body. When drinking, add a small amount of salt, also help to stabilize the mood.

22, orange hangover & mdash& mdash; After drinking anorexia

oranges have been used to sober up, clear stomach heat and promote appetite since ancient times; Good medicine;, It can effectively improve the symptoms of anorexia after drinking. In addition, it can promote the metabolism of alcohol and reduce the harm of alcohol to the body. Regular drinkers, as well as those with fatty liver and arteriosclerosis, often eating oranges can effectively relieve alcohol and protect liver.

health warning: avoid drinking tea after drinking

think that strong tea can relieve alcohol, but it is not. Li Shizhen recorded in compendium of materia medica: drinking tea after drinking can hurt the kidney, causing heavy waist and leg drop, cold bladder pain, and phlegm edema. Modern medical research also points out that tea can stimulate gastric acid secretion, making alcohol more likely to damage the gastric mucosa. At the same time, caffeine in tea, like alcohol, can cause the heart to beat faster, adding to the burden on the heart.

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