Heat of grapefruit

when it comes to grapefruit, I believe many people like it very much, because the taste of grapefruit is sour, sweet and refreshing. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin C, which can effectively reduce blood sugar, blood fat, and so on. However, patients with hypertension, diabetes and so on often eat grapefruit and have good medical assistance. But many beautiful female friends have some doubts about grapefruit, they are most concerned about the heat of grapefruit, so in the end the heat of grapefruit high?

nutrition experts told us that in fact, grapefruit is not high in calories, and for women who love beauty, grapefruit is a good weight loss fruit, so you can rest assured to eat, and do not need to be afraid that eating too much will lead to obesity. Let’s introduce the heat of grapefruit in detail.

grapefruit is a kind of fruit that we often eat in our daily life. It’s sweet and sour, and it’s very popular with people. So does grapefruit have calories? Can eating grapefruit gain weight? Today I’ll show you the heat of grapefruit.

grapefruit heat

grapefruit heat high? Recently, many people have been paying attention to this problem. In fact, Grapefruit’s calorie is not high, 100g / 41kcal. An apple of no size contains only 60-100kcal, no fat and no sodium. Contains 5 grams of fiber and 20 grams of carbohydrates. According to traditional Chinese medicine, grapefruit is sweet and sour in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of invigorating stomach and transforming food, lowering Qi and eliminating phlegm, lightening body and pleasing color. Modern medical research found that pomelo meat is rich in vitamin C and insulin-like components, so it has the effect of reducing blood sugar, blood lipid, weight loss, skin beauty and appearance. Regular consumption has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and other diseases, and has the function of body building and nourishing for obese people.

pomelo also has the effects of strengthening stomach, moistening lung, enriching blood, clearing intestines and facilitating defecation, which can promote wound healing and has good auxiliary effect on sepsis. In addition, grapefruit contains physiologically active substance glucoside, which can reduce blood viscosity and thrombosis, so it also has good preventive effect on cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral thrombosis and stroke. Fresh pomelo meat is an ideal food for diabetics because it contains insulin like ingredients.

dietotherapy and health care

grapefruit is one of the precious fruits that people like to eat because of its fragrance, sweet and sour, cool and moist, rich nutrition and high medicinal value. According to traditional Chinese medicine, grapefruit is cold in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and has the medical effects of relieving cough and asthma, clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, strengthening spleen and eliminating food, and relieving alcohol and trouble; Pomelo peel, also known as tangerine, is warm in nature, bitter and pungent in taste. It has the functions of Qi transforming phlegm, invigorating spleen and eliminating food, dispersing cold and dampness; Grapefruit is the seed of grapefruit, which contains phellodendron, Phellodendron lactone, deacetylaminophen, fatty oil, inorganic salt, protein and crude fiber. The efficacy is similar to that of orange seed, which is mainly used for hernia; Pomelo leaf, containing volatile oil, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic and other effects.

grapefruit is fragrant, sweet and sour, cool and moist, rich in nutrition and high in medicinal value. Indications: Invigorating the stomach and eliminating food, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, regulating qi, and detoxifying. Indications: Food accumulation, abdominal distension, cough, phlegm, dysentery, diarrhea, pregnancy and other diseases.

food therapy

1, antibacterial, antiviral: naringin and hesperetin can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, dysentery and typhoid bacilli in vitro, naringin has inhibitory effect on yeast and fungi, and has preventive and protective effect on virus infected mice. Naringin and hesperidin in pomelo are similar to other flavonoids and have anti-inflammatory effect.

2, reduce blood sugar: in fresh grapefruit juice, contains insulin like ingredients, can reduce blood sugar, for diabetes, obesity patients diet products.

3, antispasmodic and enhance the role of vitamin C: naringin contained in pomelo has obvious antispasmodic effect. Naringin and hesperidin can improve the blood cell aggregation and capillary resistance of bulbar conjunctiva in mice caused by vitamin C deficiency.

4, expectorant antitussive: the outer peel of sleeve is the common Chinese medicine orange. After inhalation, limonene and pinene can make respiratory secretions become variable and thin, which is conducive to sputum discharge. It has good expectorant and antitussive effect, and is a good product for the treatment of senile chronic cough and asthma and deficiency cold phlegm and asthma.

after reading the above detailed introduction about the grapefruit heat is very high this question answer, I believe you love beauty female friends have a general understanding and understanding. Grapefruit has very good food therapy and health care function. In addition, it has very good medicinal value. It has the effects of relieving cough and asthma, clearing heat and resolving phlegm. You may as well eat it more!

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