Heavy moisture has a great impact on health. Diet conditioning often eat moisture expelling food

heavy moisture is a worry for many people, because this problem will not only cause physical discomfort, but also affect their mood and daily life. External humidity is mostly caused by humid climate, rain, humid living environment and other reasons. The internal dampness is caused by the spleen losing health, body fluid not distributing and water dampness condensing. So what are the symptoms of heavy humidity?

1. People with heavy dampness will feel chilly, fever, body ache, chest tightness, weak mouth and shortened meridians.

2, can feel limb joint pain or swelling, appear heavy hands and feet, skin numbness and other phenomena.

3. I feel that my head is heavy. I feel like I’m wrapped up in something. I feel dizzy. I have hearing loss. I feel sleepy and have no spirit.

The impact of heavy humidity on health

first of all, heavy humidity can lead to obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, joint pain, eczema, urticaria and other diseases, suffering from these diseases, disturbing other affairs in daily life.

secondly, for girls who love beauty, if the humidity is heavy, it will make their skin worse, the skin will become oily, dark and yellow, the black head will increase, the pores will become larger, and if it is serious, there will be acne, greasy hair, dandruff and halitosis.

if the body is too wet, it is OK to recuperate from the aspects of life and diet. Here are a few of them; Moisture removal & quot; Food!

red beans

red beans can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, for the treatment of constipation has a very good effect, but also the role of diuretic detumescence, wet people can stew red beans every day after eating, long-term adherence to the words, to improve moisture is very helpful. Job’s tears

job’s tears have the function of diuresis and detoxification. For people with heavy humidity, you can cook some job’s tears water or job’s tears porridge every day, or stew job’s tears with lentils, wax gourd, tangerine peel, pork, etc. in a casserole. If you eat in this way, it’s not only healthy but also delicious. If you stick to it for a long time, The problem of heavy moisture in the body can also be improved. Chinese yam

Chinese yam is also a food to remove moisture. In addition to removing moisture, it can also strengthen the spleen and appetizer, so people with poor appetite can try it.

put yam, spareribs and ginger slices in the pot to stew for about two hours, then you can taste the delicious yam spareribs soup. People with heavy moisture or bad appetite can try it, and the effect is very good.

Many people feel that although balsam pear has the function of reducing fire, it is not delicious, but in fact, balsam pear also has the function of diuresis, benefiting qi and removing dampness. Moreover, if the bitter gourd and pork are fried together, it is a common home dish on the table, which is healthy and nutritious. Oat

oat can smooth intestines and defecate, increase fecal volume and moisture, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis with fiber, and play the role of defecation and detoxification. It’s a good choice to beat the steamed oats into juice and drink it as a drink. When stirring, you can also add other ingredients, such as apples and raisins. Nutrition can also promote defecation!

〕 wax gourd

is cold and sweet in nature, which can clear away heat and generate body fluid, relieve summer heat and get rid of trouble. It is especially suitable to take in summer. Vitamin C more, and high potassium content, low sodium content, high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema and other patients eat, can achieve detumescence without damaging the role of healthy qi.

〕 corn whisker

corn whisker is sweet and flat, and belongs to bladder, liver and gallbladder channels. Efficacy: diuresis, detumescence, diuresis and jaundice. It can also dredge and urinate, so as to eliminate the water and moisture. In addition, it also has a certain hypoglycemic effect. In summer, when corn is on the market, turn waste into treasure, cook corn soup together, replace tea and drink, which is very suitable for diabetics.

In summer, the method of removing dampness is

1, and the principle of exercise is

. Human activity can promote the movement of Yang Qi. On the contrary, immobility can only further reduce the function of the body. Exercise is of great help to promote physical health, and exercise is also one of the ways to expel dampness. During exercise, people’s capillaries will be dried, which can promote perspiration, so it can play a role in expelling dampness.

2, massage plantar acupoints

reflexive area massage provides a new angle for health, but also provides an effective method for the treatment of diseases. In addition, acupuncture and scraping of traditional Chinese medicine are good detoxification methods, but these methods have high requirements for manipulation. Therefore, if not professionals, it is not recommended to use this method of detoxification.

3, daily more sun

just as the body can be affected by dampness, we can also enhance the body’s Yang state through sunlight, which is of great benefit to health. The body is awesome and the body’s functions are guaranteed. More sunlight can promote warming blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism. It’s good for your health.

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