Home deodorization skills

odor source: porch, shoe cabinet
deodorization helper: silk stockings, newspapers, coffee or tea dregs
many families put the shoe cabinet in the porch, so it’s easy to smell in the porch. To solve this problem, first move out all the shoes and clean them thoroughly. Wipe each pair of shoes with a dry cloth, and then spread several old newspapers in the shoe cabinet. Then, put dried tea or coffee grounds in the old silk stockings to make deodorant bag. Some into the shoes, some placed in the corner of the shoe cabinet, for the elimination of mold, odor effect is very good

odour source: kitchen
deodorant helper: lemon, citrus peel, alcohol, sprayer
may as well cut the lemon (including meat) into pieces and put it into the pot, add a little water to make lemon juice, then spray it into the house. If there is no lemon, you can use orange peel instead and put it into the pot to boil the juice. The other way is to spray 75% of alcohol and 25% of water with sprayers. Br / >
odor source: decoration materials, paint odor
deodorization helper: pineapple skin, professional disinfection
some of the odor can be eliminated by putting pineapple skin at home, but the side effects of decoration materials are very big. The best solution is to find professional personnel to deal with it, and integrate disinfection, deodorization, sterilization and cleaning with high technology such as ultrasound

odor source: Toilet
deodorant helper: coke, matches, candles
the toilet is easy to emit odor in wet weather. When the toilet is dirty, in addition to cleaning, you can also pour some coke into the toilet, which can play the role of deodorization. There is also a magic recipe, that is, burning matches or candles in the toilet, changing the indoor air with the combustion. In view of the odor from the drain hole, the silk stockings can be put on the drain hole to reduce the blockage of the drain hole by hair

odor source: ashtray
deodorant helper: coffee grounds
as long as a layer of coffee grounds is laid on the bottom of the ashtray, the cigarette end can eliminate the smoke odor. But for the sake of family health, the safest way is to ask addicts to quit smoking or leave ashtrays outside.

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