Home heating is too hot how to do teach you to deal with the body more healthy

heating has been hot for a week or so, the temperature is not high in the first few days, with the formal heating, many netizens have reflected that the home is too hot, the room is too dry and uncomfortable, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big, this old man or child is easy to catch a cold when they go out from home. How to deal with when the heating is too hot.

When winter comes, people will turn on the heating equipment at home. Many people still use heating. Don’t underestimate this heating. Its power is still very powerful. It can make our house very warm. Heating is good, If the heating is too hot, people’s body can’t stand it, especially in families with old people and children, they will have cold symptoms, so what should we do if the heating is too hot in winter?

how to do if the heating is too hot in winter?

1. Turn down the heating valve directly and rotate the valve clockwise to reduce the heat emission from the heating;

2. You can put a wet towel on the radiator, or put a basin of water in the room. It’s better to put some fish tanks and other decorations to let the water evaporate and increase the indoor air humidity;

3. Buy humidifier to increase indoor humidity and maintain continuous indoor air humidity;

4. It can properly leave a small gap in the window to allow the indoor air to circulate with the outdoor air and maintain a certain humidity of the indoor air; But this method has some limitations. You can’t open it at night, especially after you fall asleep. It’s not safe and easy to catch a cold. You should open the window in the opposite direction of the wind. When you open the window, close the curtain to reduce the power of the cold wind. You can only try it if the temperature in your home is more than 26 degrees, and you can’t open it too much to prevent the temperature difference from being too big and causing a cold;

5. Turn down the valves of the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe of the floor heating to reduce the heating flow into the room, which also has a certain cooling effect;

6. It is controlled by the indoor heating control table to reduce the set temperature of the indoor temperature controller, but the effect is not obvious;

7. If the heating is too hot, you can stick a hook at the head of the bed and hang a wet towel. Before going to bed, apply olive oil in the nasal cavity. It has a moisturizing effect. The smell is not strong and does not affect sleep.

Decoration master told you that the heating is too hot to use like this!

1. Find some clean drink bottles, fill them with water, and bake them on the heater. In this way, you can have hot water for washing and washing clothes, saving the electricity charge of the water heater;

2. For those who keep tropical fish at home, move the fish tank to the heater to let the tropical fish feel the subtropical temperature, and the water in the tank can also alleviate the indoor dryness;

3. You can use heating to produce bean sprouts, but you need constant temperature, dry environment, and frequent watering, or you will be dried by heating;

4. If you want to make Hawthorn slices, balsam pear slices, Gen Gua Ji and other foods, it’s very suitable to use heating. Cut Hawthorn slices and balsam pear slices and put them next to the heating. In two or three days, they will become dry slices;

5, pickled radish, do not have to be taken to the outdoor sun, put the heat next to the baking OK, but also to avoid dust.

What are the types of domestic radiator

1. Cast iron radiator: the advantage of this radiator is that it is suitable for any water quality and external environment, and is not easy to corrode; Its disadvantages are bulky appearance, easy damage of sand sticking in inner cavity, and non environmental protection in production. At present, this kind of radiator is not recommended.

2. Steel radiator: this radiator is a new type of modern radiator, with beautiful appearance, various colors, energy saving and environmental protection, high heating efficiency and long service life. However, the corrosion resistance of steel radiator is poor, which is related to its service life.

3. Copper aluminum composite radiator: this radiator is also a new type of modern radiator. It has good anti-corrosion performance, wide use, high heat price ratio, beautiful appearance and high preservation rate, so it is recognized and praised by the majority of consumers.

4. Aluminum radiator: this kind of radiator will not be limited by the district heating system, and its heat dissipation is good and energy saving. If the indoor temperature is too low in winter, the radiator can be added to increase the temperature. However, this kind of aluminum radiator is afraid of alkali water corrosion, so it is necessary to install anti-corrosion equipment in it to improve its service life. The radiator has beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation and affordable price, which is very suitable for household heating.

What is the system composition of household radiator?

heat source + terminal equipment + control system + pipeline system

heat source: system host, wall mounted boiler, floor type boiler, heating / hot water dual function;

terminal: equipment is the heat dissipation medium, such as radiator, floor heating coil, fan coil;

control: including host control system and terminal control system;

system pipeline: it is the heat medium transportation, connecting the host and terminal equipment. The optimization design of the pipeline system is an important guarantee for the normal and good operation of the heating system; It also reflects the professional level of the company.

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