is indispensable for Chongqing Xiaomian Chongqing Xiaomian can’t do without Hongyou

Chongqing Xiaomian can’t do without Hongyou

recently, Chongqing Xiaomian came out of the official standard, even refined to the length of scallion. However, whether Chongqing’s noodles are fragrant or not, and whether they are authentic or not, there is no lack of red oil; Make the finishing point;.

Sichuan style red oil is the essence of noodles; Soul & quot;, The main ingredients are dried pepper and vegetable oil (generally rapeseed oil), and the pepper can be Chaotian pepper or erjingtiao. Among them, Chaotianjiao has a strong pungent flavor and a lot of red pigment. The oil refined from Chaotianjiao is spicy and ruddy. Erjingtiao is slightly pungent, but it has a strong sesame aroma and less red pigment, so its oil color is not as ruddy as Chaotianjiao. The proportion can be adjusted according to the taste.

the auxiliary materials of red oil are various spices, up to more than ten kinds, which can be said to have all kinds of flavors. The materials and methods are different, but the overall purpose is to make the red oil achieve the best combination of taste, aroma, color and spicy degree. Common excipients are ginger, onion, garlic, onion, coriander, peanut, sesame, Arnebia (color), Zanthoxylum, star anise, nutmeg, geranium, fennel, clove, caokuo, cinnamon, Shannai and other spices.

in fact, these spices are not only spices but also medicinal materials, which can be used for both medicine and food. For example, Tsao Guo has a strong pungent flavor, which can be used to cook dishes to remove fishy smell and smell. As a herbal medicine, it can also strengthen the spleen and remove phlegm, and help relieve nausea, food accumulation and other symptoms.

red oil appetizer, can increase appetite, accelerate metabolism, improve cold symptoms, suitable for winter consumption. Although the loss of vitamin C in pepper is large after refining, the addition of various spices in red oil can not only enrich the taste, but also supplement the missing part of vitamins and minerals.

red oil, as a classic seasoning, is widely used in Sichuan cuisine. In addition to adding it to noodles and hotpot seasonings, it can also be used to flavor salty and spicy dishes such as salivated chicken and boiled fish.

it is worth noting that if the red oil is too bright, it may be added pigment. If it smells of pungent strong fragrance, it is possible to add flavor. When buying red oil, you should judge by food label and ingredient list.

in the final analysis, red oil is a kind of condiment, which is good as a seasoning, but it should not be eaten too much. In addition, we should also pay attention to the intake of sesame paste, vinegar and other condiments to maintain a balanced nutrition.

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