Hot summer is coming. Are you ready for home heatstroke prevention?

Hot summer is coming. Are you ready for home heatstroke prevention?

hot summer is coming. Are you ready for heatstroke prevention at home? Do you know how much hot air enters your home through the window?

about two-thirds of the hot air comes in through the window. Windows, sills and balconies are the passageways for direct sunlight into your home. So close your windows and blinds tightly during the day, and don’t open them until the temperature drops at night.

2. If you live in an attic with skylight, how can you protect yourself from the heat wave?

cover a cardboard with aluminum foil, and then place the aluminum foil outward on the skylight to block part of the hot air.

3. If you have plants in your home, should you put them indoors or outdoors?

should be scattered indoors. In the heat season, plants volatilize water molecules from liquid to gaseous state. This physical phenomenon can also bring some coolness to your home.

4. When can we start to open the window?

at least an hour after dusk! When night falls, the wind power in the hall will cool your whole home by washing away the heat of the day!

5, can cold water basin be put indoors to cool down?

can put a lot of cold water pots or tanks in the residence. Water molecules will absorb the heat in the indoor air and volatilize, thus reducing the indoor temperature. Similarly, a cold wet towel placed in the window can also cool down.

6. Since 1995, your family has not changed the type of light bulb?

was quickly replaced by a new type of bulb. Old light bulbs not only emit a lot of heat, but also consume electricity. This heat wave gives you an excellent reason to replace them.

7. Is it a good time to do housework in hot season?

mop the floor! It can fill the room with a little cool air, but be careful not to make you tired and hot.

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