Hot summer no appetite to ease the summer anorexia diet conditioning

in the hot summer it is easy to have no appetite, anorexia phenomenon, how can this do? In order to alleviate the phenomenon of anorexia in summer, we should provide enough water containing food in summer, but more importantly, we should supplement all kinds of minerals lost during sweating, especially sodium and potassium. Some people drink sweet drinks in summer, eat a lot of sweet melons and fruits every day, but seldom seriously eat salty meals. When sweating a lot, they may lack sodium, making the body tired and weak. If you drink salt water, eat pickles, but do not add enough fruits and vegetables, it is prone to potassium deficiency.

when the body lacks potassium, people’s resistance to heatstroke will decrease. Ordinary sweet drinks only contain sugar and water, but can not provide sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes, and do not contain vitamins. Therefore, instead of relying solely on sweet drinks to quench thirst, we should eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. We should also prepare nutritious atherosclerotic soup and summer drinks at home, especially bean soup and bean porridge, which are most helpful to supplement minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

in addition, green tea, flower and fruit tea and sour plum soup are also good choices. If sweating more, then also need to add a little salt in the soup, about 0.3% concentration, a little bit of salt is enough.

drink soup to pay attention to a small number of times, because excessive drinking may cause a sudden large number of perspiration, but also lead to loss of appetite. Just take out the drink from the refrigerator must be placed at room temperature for a while to drink, to avoid causing sudden contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, or even spasm.

Eat eggs, milk and beans every day to supplement protein

in the high temperature above 35 ℃, human sweat will lose a lot of protein, and protein decomposition in the body will also increase.

especially in sultry weather, people often lose appetite and do not like to cook, so it is easy to have insufficient protein intake. Snacks, drinks and cold drinks don’t provide enough protein.

therefore, make sure to have a cup of yogurt / milk, an egg, a portion of bean products or a bowl of bean porridge every day, and often eat some fresh cooked lean meat and fish, such as steamed fish, to supplement protein.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and coarse cereals, supply vitamin

, lose more vitamin C and vitamin B1, B2 from sweat every day in summer, lack of these vitamins make people tired, resistance decreased, work efficiency decreased. According to the determination, the requirement of water-soluble vitamins in hot weather is more than twice as much as usual.

a good way to supplement vitamin C is to eat more vegetables and fruits. The good food to supplement vitamin B1 is mung beans, red beans, lentils and other beans, as well as corn, barley, oats and other coarse grains. The good source of vitamin B2 is milk and green leafy vegetables. With sufficient vitamins and minerals, summer can still be energetic.

a small number of meals, to attract appetite

in high temperature environment, digestive enzyme secretion decreased, digestive function decreased. Therefore, summer food should be light and refreshing, and the appearance and pattern of food should attract appetite. The principle of seasoning is to use less oil and more vinegar; In the number of meals may wish to serve a small number of meals.

although it’s very refreshing to eat food with light bitter taste and sweet and sour taste, for people with poor digestion, it’s more conducive to stimulate appetite and promote digestion and absorption if a little salty and spicy condiments are added appropriately.

Have some music to relax. The gastrointestinal peristalsis and the secretion of digestive juice of

people are related to their mental state. Properly improving the dining environment and playing some relaxing music will undoubtedly change their mood and increase their appetite.

melon vegetables supplement water.

it’s hot in summer and the temperature rises, so people will easily sweat a lot. At this time, because the human body loses a lot of water, we need to eat some water supplement food. And melon vegetables are very high in water content, just in the peak season, very suitable for eating, to supplement our body with water.

more massage Zusanli.

usually massage Zusanli point is also one of the ways to improve the function of spleen and stomach. Zusanli is located 3 inches above the outer knee and about a transverse finger outside the tibia. When massaging, you can press the end of your thumb on Zusanli point, try your best to press, and then push the muscles and muscles for 7 times, and stop alternately on both sides. Rub the legs with the palm, 1 time from top to bottom, about 1-3 minutes, it can play the role of clearing and warming the stomach, promoting digestion and absorption, and adding appetite.

cool vegetables relieve summer heat.

poor appetite is mostly due to the weather, I feel hot and irritable, and cool vegetables can help us relieve heat, diarrhea and detoxification.

drink a glass of water before dinner.

one hour before meals, you can drink a glass of water, which can not only relieve the phenomenon of gastrointestinal dehydration, but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastric emptying and appetite.

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