How about drinking honey vinegar on an empty stomach?

honey vinegar is a kind of food that many people especially like to eat. Moreover, honey vinegar is rich in a variety of nutrients. Eating more honey vinegar can effectively help us prevent many kinds of unnecessary diseases. If we have a sore throat, we can also eat some honey vinegar, Can effectively help alleviate our own swelling and inflammation of the throat, let’s learn about the fasting drink honey vinegar and precautions.

it’s not good to drink honey water and white vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning.

generally speaking, it is better to drink a cup of honey water before going to bed than to drink a cup of honey water after getting up! Traditional Chinese medicine has a saying about early autumn health care: “salt water in the morning, honey soup in the evening.”. It means: get up early every morning, drink light salt water on an empty stomach, and drink honey water before going to bed every night. This reason is: in the morning drink light salt water can dilute a sleep up very thick blood, and a little anti-inflammatory effect, Runchang Weitong stool; Drinking honey water at night is helpful for beauty and beauty, and supplement various trace elements. Therefore, a more scientific way is to leave honey water to drink at night, and drink light salt water in the morning.

let’s see why it’s better late than early. It is not appropriate to drink honey water in the first cup on an empty stomach. The reason is that the honey water contains the corresponding sugar, not in the form of pure water. After drinking, the fructose in the honey must be metabolized into glucose by the human body before it can be absorbed and utilized by the human body, thus losing the function of the first cup of water in the morning to clean the body environment.

when should we drink honey water? Drinking a cup of honey water every day can make your skin smooth and white. Honey water, as the first cup of water, can not effectively replenish the water of body cells. The excretion time of kidney urine is relatively slower than that of boiled water, which reduces the effect of detoxification in the body. At this time, the body does not clear away the waste and receives new high-quality (honey) substances. Then the new substances provided by the body are mixed with the waste residue of overnight metabolism, It shows the metabolism and absorption process of new and old hybrid substances in the body, which can not get the nutrients of honey well, and the re metabolism of residue is not conducive to health. Therefore, drinking boiled water first and eating honey water after 10 minutes is more conducive to maximizing the nutritional value of honey.

it is very necessary to know in advance whether to drink honey vinegar on an empty stomach and the precautions, which can help us avoid a lot of common sense mistakes that pose a certain threat to our health. These problems can avoid many kinds of problems, so as not to let us have stomachache and other pain problems due to diet problems.

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