How about drinking milk on an empty stomach in the morning? When is the best time to drink milk

morning fasting drink milk?

some people have the habit of drinking milk on an empty stomach in the morning. This method is unscientific. The reason is that after a night’s sleep and rest, people’s stomach has already been emptied, and they are ready to eat and digest food. At this time, the gastric emptying is also very fast, and the milk is liquid milk, and the gastric discharge is faster. Fasting drinking milk, in the stomach has not been fully digested and absorbed into the intestine, resulting in the loss of nutrients. Milk is rich in high-quality protein. The main function of these proteins is to form new tissues of the human body, and also to repair the original tissues. If you drink milk on an empty stomach, not only the milk will be quickly discharged from the stomach, but also the precious protein mentioned above will be decomposed by the human body and consumed as heat, which can not fully play the role of protein. It is a pity.

the protein in milk is digested and decomposed into various amino acids in human stomach by pepsin and small intestine before it can be absorbed and utilized in small intestine. When drinking milk on an empty stomach, the stomach empties quickly so that some proteins are not decomposed into amino acids, and some amino acids are discharged into large intestine without being obtained and absorbed in small intestine, In the large intestine, these proteins and amino acids are decomposed and decomposed into substances harmful to human body, so that precious proteins can not fully play their due roles. It also increases the burden on the human body.

if you drink milk on an empty stomach, the milk can not be fully enzymolyzed, and the protein will soon be converted into energy and consumed, and the nutrients can not be well digested and absorbed. Some people may also have abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, this is because the body produces very little lactase, fasting drink into a large number of milk, milk lactose can not be digested in time, in turn by the intestinal bacteria decomposition, produce a lot of gas, acid, stimulate intestinal contraction, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

experts suggest that it is better to eat other foods before drinking milk, or drink milk while eating food, so as to reduce the lactose concentration in the body and facilitate the absorption of nutrients in milk.

when is a good time to drink milk?

it’s best to drink milk at night, because milk contains a kind of biochemical substance L-tryptophan which can make people tired and sleepy, and a trace of morphine. These substances have a certain sedative and hypnotic effect, especially L-tryptophan, which is the main raw material for the synthesis of hydroxytryptamine in the brain, and serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep, It can make the brain thinking activity temporarily inhibited, so that people want to sleep, and without any side effects, and the absorption of milk sticky on the stomach wall is good, the calcium in milk can also clear the tension, so it is more beneficial to the sleep of the elderly, so drinking milk at night is good, conducive to people’s rest and sleep.

drinking milk before going to bed is conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium. Most of the calcium consumed at dinner is absorbed and utilized by the human body before going to bed. After sleeping, especially after midnight, the level of calcium in the blood will gradually decrease. The decrease of blood calcium promotes the hyperparathyroidism. Hormones act on bone tissue and make a part of calcium salt in bone tissue dissolve into the blood to maintain the stable balance of blood calcium. This kind of dissolution is the body’s self-regulation function. Over a long period of time, it will become one of the causes of osteoporosis. Drink milk before going to bed at night, the calcium in milk can be slowly absorbed by the blood, the whole night blood calcium has been supplemented, maintain balance, do not need to dissolve the calcium in bone, prevent bone loss, osteoporosis, so drink milk before going to bed is good.

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