How about drinking too much mineral water?

mineral water occupies more and more of our lives. Many people even use mineral water instead of pure water as the main source of drinking water. Mineral water is rich in mineral elements, but the amount of mineral elements needed by the human body is limited, so drinking mineral water often will bring great harm to the body, This will not be worth the loss, so usually drinking tap water is the main way.

in people’s impression, bottled mineral water is often clean due to its good sealing. But experts remind consumers that facilities such as canning and disinfection for bottled mineral water production are not hygienic, which leads to the total number of colonies exceeding the standard. Drinking such water can also damage the stomach.

experts pointed out that at present, consumers are blind to mineral water. Some parents don’t know the composition of each mineral water, so they treat mineral water as a common drink for their children to drink. They blindly think that mineral water is better than tap water. This is a misunderstanding.

in this regard, drinking mineral water should be targeted, what is the best supplement. If children with zinc deficiency syndrome drink high zinc mineral water will be beneficial. On the contrary, there is no need to drink this mineral water. Blind, excessive drinking of mineral water, minerals and trace elements long-term excessive deposition in the human body, may cause some diseases, the most common is kidney stones.

when choosing bottled mineral water, consumers should not only pay special attention to the mineral content on the package label, but also check whether the package is sealed and whether the color is uniform. It is best to choose the product with QS logo.

research shows that excessive intake of aluminum is easy to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and we usually contact aluminum in many places. Aluminum pot has been popular for many years, so we don’t have to worry about Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, once aluminum enters the body, it is difficult to discharge.

when drinking mineral water, it’s best not to boil, otherwise the nutrients will oxidize with the air, and form crystals that are difficult to digest. In addition, children should pay attention to avoid drinking mineral water, because children’s digestive system has not been fully developed. Drinking mineral water often may lead to excessive nutrition, and even lead to poor physical development.

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