How about eating chocolate on an empty stomach?

chocolate is a famous food at home and abroad. As a classic snack, it has always been popular because of its cocoa fragrance and smooth taste. Many people like to eat some chocolates when they are hungry or on an empty stomach. Many people think that eating chocolate on an empty stomach is a way to quickly make your stomach feel full. How about eating chocolate on an empty stomach?

eating chocolate on an empty stomach can also cause digestive tract diseases. Because chocolate containing, into a small amount of liquid, can not reach the normal diet after the expansion of the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal tract is still in a dry state. At this time, the continuous secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice will stimulate the gastrointestinal wall, causing peptic ulcer and other diseases.

chocolate is a transliteration of the loanword chocolate. The main ingredient is cocoa beans (like coconut like fruit, which will blossom and bear fruit on the trunk). Its origin was very early. It started in the prosperous emperor of Mexico, the last emperor of Mont tryor, who was a chocolate worship society. It love to add pepper, pepper, vanilla beans and spices to the drink, froth, and drink 50CC with a gold cup every day. It is a drink belonging to members of the court. Its scientific name Theobroma means “drink of the gods”. It is regarded as a valuable medicine for strengthening the heart and diuresis. It can activate the proteolytic enzymes in gastric juice and help digestion.

1. The effect of chocolate


2. Chocolate can improve concentration, memory and intelligence. Some drivers use chocolate as a mental stimulant to improve their driving ability, and students in exams can also use it to strengthen their brains[ 8]

3. Eating chocolate can control the content of cholesterol, maintain the elasticity of capillaries, and prevent cardiovascular diseases; The content of catechuic acid in chocolate is the same as that in tea. Catechuic acid can enhance immunity, prevent cancer and interfere with the blood supply of tumor;

5. Chocolate is an antioxidant food, which has a certain effect on delaying aging;

warm reminder: children should not eat a lot of chocolate at one time. Because eating too much when hungry, more likely to cause dental caries. Once you have diabetes, you need to eat less chocolate. At this time, if you want to eat chocolate, you need to eat some light chocolate; If you eat too much, it will often cause varying degrees of fire.

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