How about eating out of season fruits and vegetables?

How about eating out of season fruits and vegetables?

how about eating off-season fruits and vegetables?

“ Off season fruits and vegetables & quot; It’s getting easier to eat, but it’s a little bit worse. Many & lt; Master of traditional Chinese Medicine; Chinese medicine doctors at different levels don’t eat or seldom eat & lt; Off season fruits and vegetables;, Because it’s against the season; Heaven and man correspond& ldquo; Let it be & quot; Ancient Chinese medicine.

today’s tomatoes don’t have the taste of eating when they were young, which is related to the cultivation methods in the greenhouse. The fructose and sucrose contents of tomatoes grown at about 27 ℃ are significantly higher than those of the same kind grown at other temperatures. Generally, the aroma substances can be better accumulated at more than 20 ℃ in the mature period. Obviously, the greenhouse in winter can’t meet this demand. Another example is cucumber. If the light time is prolonged, the content of vitamin C and protein in Cucumber will increase, and the taste and nutrition will be better; Off season planting & quot; Cucumber, vitamin reduction is only 10%.

not recommended by TCM; Off season fruits and vegetables;, It’s because of the properties of fruits and vegetables. In summer, fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and watermelons are mostly cold. In autumn, winter or early spring, there are many cases of stubborn diarrhea and nutritional disorders caused by excessive consumption of cucumbers, even leaving incurable sequelae, which are related to the deviation from the main idea of health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine.

when many people eat traditional Chinese medicine, they will be told to avoid cold, spicy, greasy and so on. This kind of taboo is not for taking medicine, but for the patient’s disease state or constitution. Whether it’s & lt; Off season fruits and vegetables;, Or taboo, it seems to be the stress of medicine, in fact, it reminds us of a way of life. Traditional Chinese medicine is the way of life of Chinese people. It improves health and maintains life by changing the details of life. We always say & quot; Health preservation;, In fact, it is an abbreviation, its full name is not & lt; Take care of your life;, It’s & lt; Cultivate a healthy lifestyle;.

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