How about eating too much VC?

we all know that a healthy body has to add some VC properly. VC can make our body healthier. Adding an appropriate amount of VC can also make our skin whiter and whiter. Especially when we have a cold, adding VC properly can make our cold better faster. But many friends have such questions, VC eat too much, OK? Now let’s make an explanation for this problem.

1. It is recommended to take it twice a day: because VC is a water-soluble vitamin, generally speaking, it will be discharged with body fluid in 3-4 hours. Repeated supplementation every 3-4 hours can ensure the VC content in the body, and the absorption effect will be better.

2, eat after breakfast or lunch: we all know that fruit “eat in the morning is gold, eat at noon is silver”, VC is the same, especially some VC products extracted from natural fruit, it is to eat in breakfast or lunch, the effect will be good.

3, daily intake of 100 mg: VC can not be long-term overdose, because it is easy to cause oxalic acid or uric acid stones. But if you are from the maintenance point of view, it is recommended to take about 100 mg every day, which is safe and effective, and will not cause the so-called side effects.

if you eat too much vitamin C, the side effects are still very big. Research shows that when the daily dosage of vitamin C is 1-4g, it will cause all kinds of adverse reactions: if the dosage is more than 5g, there will be hemolysis, and even life-threatening. Pregnant women take a lot of it, and abortion or stillbirth may occur. Excessive intake of vitamin C will also produce the following side effects:

1. Vitamin C is an acid substance, which can cause the pH value of urine to decrease, oxalate and urate in urine to increase significantly, and it is easy to form kidney stones.

2, vitamin C can promote intestinal peristalsis, large dose will cause diarrhea, gastric acid, gastric juice reflux, etc.

3. Intravenous injection of large dose of vitamin C can cause venous thrombosis, hemolysis or coagulation in blood vessels, and even life-threatening in severe cases. The injection can also cause allergy, local pain or tissue necrosis.

although it is said that VC is good for our body, no matter how good it is, we should pay attention not to use too much, and it will do harm to our body. As mentioned above, if we eat too much vitamin C, it will make our intestines and stomach uncomfortable. For our health, we should take VC in an appropriate amount.

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