How about fruit after dinner? Diet should also pay attention to the order

How about fruit after dinner? Diet should also pay attention to the order of

, eat fruit after dinner?

diet should have a sequence, but also time, scientific diet can regulate the body, otherwise not only can not play a good effect of food, but also lead to physical discomfort. So many people will be concerned about the problem of eating fruit after meals. Is it appropriate to eat fruit after meals?

in modern society, people’s living standards have been improved, people began to pursue healthy diet, some people think that eating fruit after meals is a healthy eating habit. However, eating fruit immediately after a meal will affect the body’s digestive function. Researchers have found that eating fruits immediately after meals can easily cause the fruits to stay in the intestines and stomach without being digested, which will make fructose and gastric acid function, and make the rice over fermented, producing a lot of gas, causing abdominal distension, burping, diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, even abdominal pain and other adverse symptoms. So you can’t eat fruit until one or two hours after a meal.

diet should also pay attention to the order of

1, eat whole wheat bread after drinking coffee, such habits easily lead to forgetfulness, emotional easily out of control, anxiety and so on. Caffeine can destroy the vitamin B1 in whole wheat bread, the body can not absorb this nutrition, resulting in inattention, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, emotional loss of control and fatigue.

2, eating sweet potato after eating apples, such habits easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. Researchers found that sweet potato is rich in starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and various minerals. Starch will secrete a lot of gastric acid after entering the stomach, while dietary fiber in apple contains a lot of fruit acid. The combination of the two will produce a kind of insoluble substance, which makes you feel uncomfortable. So we must separate the two kinds of food for more than an hour before eating.

3. Drinking beer after eating salted and smoked food can easily lead to cancer, digestive diseases and so on. People who often drink beer have a high level of lead in their blood, while pickled and smoked products contain a lot of organic ammonia. Both substances are easy to cause cancer in human body, so these two kinds of food must be separated for several hours before they can be eaten.

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