How about ice sugar water on an empty stomach?

there are always many friends who like to drink a glass of water when they get up early. Because the rest of the night, the whole body is constantly consuming energy. Some people feel dry throat, lack of water, empty stomach, drinking water is very correct, and we all know that drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning is also very good for people’s health. Some of them asked about the benefits of getting up early and drinking a glass of boiled water. So, how about ice sugar water on an empty stomach?

this is drinkable. It doesn’t matter. Food is not medicine. It’s less irritating to the stomach.

how about drinking honey water on an empty stomach in the morning?

drinking honey water on the first cup on an empty stomach in the morning is not appropriate.

honey water contains corresponding sugar, not in the form of pure water. After drinking, fructose in honey must be metabolized into glucose by the human body before it can be absorbed and utilized by the human body, thus losing the function of the first cup of water in the morning to clean the body environment.

honey as the first cup of water, can not effectively supplement the body’s cells of water, urination time is relatively slow than boiled water, reduce the effect of detoxification in the body. At this time, the body does not remove the waste, and then to accept new substances, then the new substances mixed with the waste residue of overnight metabolism, it presents the metabolism and absorption process of the new and old hybrid substances in the body, can not get the nutrients of honey well, and the re metabolism of the residue is more harmful to health.

therefore, in the morning after drinking boiled water, the body is relatively clean, and then eating honey is more conducive to its prevention and control effect. In order not to affect the appetite of breakfast, honey can be eaten directly or with bread, or mixed with yogurt, fruit and vegetable juice.

the body is relatively clean, and then eating honey is more conducive to its prevention and control effect 311491587395513 copies

drinking a cup of honey water 30-60 minutes before going to bed is not suitable for everyone. The reason is that drinking honey water at this time will make the blood sugar rise rapidly after drinking. At night, the cells are lack of water and the blood viscosity is relatively high. Drinking honey water again will make the blood viscosity higher, which is not conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose boiled water for the middle-aged and elderly people and those with dyslipidemia.

on an empty stomach to drink rock sugar water OK, we also know that is not particularly good. It’s still irritating to the stomach. If you can, Xiaobian suggests that when you get up early, if you are thirsty, a glass of boiled water is better. This can not only help the body replenish water, but also reduce the stimulation to the stomach.

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