How about oats on an empty stomach in the morning?

oats, also known as oats, are foods with low sugar, low fat and high energy. Because after oats are processed into cereal, it’s very convenient to eat, and it’s better to eat. Now it’s a kind of health food that everyone likes. Oatmeal can also see the shape of oatmeal grains. Usually can do milk oatmeal porridge, raisin oatmeal porridge, breakfast can eat. So, how about oats on an empty stomach in the morning?

such a habit is not good. Stomach after a night of emptying, the rest is not much, but gastric acid is still secreted. Generally don’t only eat liquid food in the morning, so digestion is too fast, can’t stay in the stomach too much time, also let the stomach acid surplus, bad for the stomach.

suggestions: eat a good breakfast, while eating liquid food, but also eat solid food, such as bread. In addition, it is youth, we should pay attention to the intake of nutrition.

cereal is made from ordinary wheat and some things. Eating cereals away from diabetes and eating a bowl of high fiber cereals can help prevent type 2 diabetes and other health problems. A new study shows that eating high fiber cereals can reduce insulin production in men with hyperinsulinemia and lower blood sugar. The researchers believe that the risk groups of diabetes can avoid diseases and complications by lowering the level of elevated insulin and elevated blood sugar (after eating a high carbohydrate diet). Other studies have shown that exercise and diabetes drugs can also prevent the risk of diabetes among these people. The researchers reported that the researchers compared the results of eating high fiber or low fiber and instant breakfast cereals. The subjects were 77 men without diabetes. It was found that 42% of men had elevated insulin. The male with hyperinsulinemia had heavier body weight, thicker waist circumference and lower HDL cholesterol; Overweight is one of the biggest risk factors for diabetes. HDL cholesterol is often low in the risk population of diabetes. Studies have shown that eating high fiber cereals has significantly lower blood sugar than eating low fiber cereals.

in addition, hyperinsulinemic men who ate high fiber cereals had significantly lower insulin production. Women who eat cereal for breakfast are slimmer. Women who prefer cereal for breakfast are more likely to weigh less than those who choose other breakfast foods or skip breakfast at all, according to a new study.

homemade oatmeal is better than those made directly. Drinking oatmeal cooked by myself will feel full and is more suitable for diabetics. At the same time, there’s nothing else, like sugar. Instant food is really convenient. The value of oats will be reduced, leaving few benefits of oats.

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