How about one egg a day?

have we all eaten eggs? The nutrition of eggs is particularly rich, and the price is relatively cheap, so they are liked by the majority of friends. Some people eat a lot of eggs in a day, and they think that if they have nutrition, they should eat more eggs. So the more eggs they eat, the better? How many eggs should I eat a day? Eating eggs is actually related to age. Let’s take a look.

nutrition and health the nutrition of eggs

how many eggs do you eat a day? First of all, let’s look at the nutrition of an egg. A medium-sized egg, with an average weight of about 50g, can provide 5g of fat, 6G of protein, 72kcal of heat energy, 23mg of calcium, 1.2mg of iron, 89mg of phosphorus, 0.07mg of thiamine, 0.04mg of niacin, 0.13mg of riboflavin, 300mg of cholesterol, etc.

nutrition and health | eating several eggs a day is good for

1-2-year-old babies. For

1-2-year-old babies, eating one egg a day is enough, one and a half at most. Remember not to exceed two. This is because eggs contain relatively high nutrition. Once you eat too many eggs, your baby will not be able to absorb them, which will cause indigestion and even hinder the absorption of other nutrients.

3 years old and above children

three years old and above children, a day to eat no more than two eggs can, in the morning steamed an egg soup for children to eat, this can not only fully absorb nutrition, but also can enhance the child’s appetite. Parents must remember not to give their children raw eggs, because eggs are hard to digest and eating raw eggs is not good for their children’s health.


due to different ages, so the consumption is not the same. Eating 1-2 eggs a day is the most in line with the needs of health, and eggs are also one of the most economical supplementary foods for strength training. Under normal circumstances, the elderly eat 1-2 a day, the young and middle-aged eat 2 a day, and the heavy manual workers can eat 2-3 a day, which is the best.

now you should know the benefits and nutritional value of eating eggs. Proper eating of eggs is good for your health. The following small series will introduce several methods of eggs, such as leek eggs, egg mustard, egg cake, wax gourd egg soup and eggplant eggs. The taste is very good. Does it start to drool? Go home and do it.

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