How about rinsing with salt water? Self made 6 mouthwashes for oral cleaning:

Salt water gargle is good, self-made 6 mouthwashes clean mouth

gargle with salt water can temporarily reduce the number of oral bacteria, therefore, some people use the habit of salt water gargle, although salt water gargle has many benefits, but it is not suitable for long-term use.

benefits of saline mouthwash:

according to the theory of mouthwash, mouthwash can block the transmission of virus causing upper respiratory tract infection. However, the virus binds to receptors on the cell surface, which means that gargling may reduce virus infection. In addition, some scientists have studied gargling their throats with tea, which also failed to confirm the preventive effect of tea and catechins contained in tea on influenza.

saline mouthwash can inhibit bacteria chemically and reduce inflammation physically. For example, there are 8-20 crypts on each side of the tonsil. Secretions and food residues are easy to block up in these crypts and produce chronic inflammation. Saline can play the role of flushing tonsil crypts. Song Wenguang said: & lt; Gargling with tap water can also have a physical flushing effect. The best concentration of saline is 0.9% normal saline. After inflammation, you can use a little stronger saline, but you should be careful to absorb too much sodium ions in the saline and raise blood pressure. Of course, the specialist will let the patient gargle with the compound borax solution with better bacteriostatic effect& rdquo;

toothache can be caused by many reasons. Saline may be useful for gingivitis, pericoronitis, oral ulcer and other soft tissue inflammation, but it can’t do anything for the inflammatory pain caused by dental caries and other dental diseases& mdash; In these cases, it is often necessary for dentists to use instruments to drill and drain pus, or use 3% hydrogen peroxide to strongly sterilize and suppurate, and even treat basic systemic diseases such as hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other metabolic disorders at the same time.

salt water gargle is a lot of benefits, but if long-term use, there will be the following harm:

no matter with water or salt water gargle, to temporarily reduce the number of oral bacteria is effective, there is no difference between the efficacy of the two. The problem is that 20 minutes after gargling with salt water, the number of bacteria in the mouth began to recover. One hour later, the number of bacteria returned to the level before gargling. While gargling with water, although the bacteria began to recover after 10 minutes, it did not return to the initial level until 85 minutes later. Why is it easier for bacteria to reproduce after gargling with salt water than after gargling with water? It turns out that while the saline kills bacteria in the mouth, it also destroys the oral mucosa which plays a defensive role, creating conditions for the rapid recovery of bacteria.

generally speaking, there are some normal flora in the oral cavity of healthy people, and pharmaceutical mouthwashes contain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredients. If used for a long time, it will cause the imbalance of normal flora in the oral cavity, which is not conducive to oral health. Only in the occurrence of gingival abscess, periodontitis, oral ulcer and other acute inflammation, can we use drug-induced mouthwash under the guidance of doctors. In addition, too much salt is also related to the occurrence of gastric cancer and oral cancer. Gargling with salt water undoubtedly increases the harm to the body. What kind of water is better to gargle

gargle can remove food residue and part of soft dirt in the mouth, and can temporarily reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, which is of great benefit to keep the mouth clean and prevent oral diseases. The effect of gargling is related to the time of gargling, the power of gargling and the times of gargling.

oral environment can be improved without toothpaste

some time ago, some media reported that a certain brand of toothpaste had exaggerated advertising, and questioned its claimed anti-inflammatory, prevention and treatment of gingival bleeding and other effects. In fact, homemade mouthwash at home is simple and safe, and can easily solve oral problems.

the simplest mouthwash is normal saline.

normal saline is available in all pharmacies, which is cheap and easy to use. The best choice is normal saline.

cinnamon mouthwash has strong bactericidal ability

boil about 2 cups of water, then add a piece of cinnamon and cook for about 5 minutes. After cooling, put it in a clean bottle, and the homemade mouthwash can be used sooner or later. Cinnamon can remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.

apple vinegar mouthwash for the treatment of sore throat. Apple cider vinegar is designated because it has a therapeutic effect on sore throat and helps reduce the accumulation of tartar.

Mint gargle water brings a lasting refreshing breath,

fresh peppermint leaves, a large spoon of Baijiu, a cup of water, and put it together in a juicer to break the juice. If there is no fresh mint leaf, use mint juice instead of it. Mix it directly with Baijiu and water and stir it evenly.

tea tree essential oil formula for gingivitis and oral ulcers

liquor 20ml, distilled water or clear water 100ml, tea tree essential oil 20 drops, grapefruit essential oil 12 drops. Pour the alcohol into the glass bottle, add tea tree and grapefruit essential oil, shake thoroughly, and then pour the distilled water into the glass bottle.

cloves slobber can cure toothache and gums.

clove essential oil 1 tablespoons, honey 1 tablespoons, Baijiu 1 cups, cinnamon essential oil 1/2 spoon, water 1/2 cup, sealed bottle 1. Stir the Baijiu with water and honey, add lilac and cinnamon. After standing for 1 day, pour the liquid into a clean container for storage.

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