How about spicy hot? Do you get angry if you eat Malatang

is it OK to eat Malatang? What’s the harm of eating Malatang

Malatang is one of the common foods on the street or in small restaurants. The taste of its soup is very strong and unforgettable. The harm of Malatang is mainly as follows:

1. The seafood used in Malatang is mostly foamed with formalin and industrial alkali, which can not only keep the perishable seafood fresh for a long time, but also sell well. As everyone knows, the toxicity of formalin and industrial alkali is quite large. After eating, it will cause gastrointestinal, esophageal and pharyngeal discomfort. If you eat too much, it will damage your liver, and even cause cancer. Generally speaking, formalin and industrial alkali have a pungent smell, but hawkers will use strong flavoring to cover up the pungent taste, so that people will unconsciously eat these unhealthy foods.

2, spicy hot meat has vegetables, meat in the state of incomplete cooking, there will be a lot of parasites and bacteria, after eating will cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and digestive system diseases.

3, spicy hot taste is mainly spicy, and the bowl will often float a thick layer of oily flowers, although it looks and smells can really cause people’s appetite, but spicy greasy can stimulate people’s oral and gastrointestinal system.

4, spicy hot taste is strong, and the soup is greasy. After eating too much, people’s taste will become very heavy. If the diet is in a super spicy and super salty state for a long time, the skin will grow acne, and even cause gastric ulcer, hyperlipidemia, duodenal ulcer and other diseases.

5. From the physiological point of view of the human body, the maximum temperature that people’s mouth, esophagus and gastric mucosa can withstand is 50 to 60 degrees. If the food is too hot, it is easy to cause acute gastritis and esophagitis.

will eating Malatang get hot?

because Malatang itself is based on spicy and oil; Famous & quot;, Especially in the alternate seasons of autumn and winter, the weather is dry, people are easy to be in a state of water shortage, if you eat spicy hot too often at this time, it is inevitable to get angry.

how to make Malatang at home

Malatang is a very popular snack. Eating Malatang on the street always worries about its hygiene. In fact, the practice of Malatang is very simple. There are many kinds of Malatang base materials in the supermarket. According to the explanation, you can make the desired taste.

1. Add water according to your own taste and cook in the pot.

2. After boiling, the bottom materials can be put in and cooked together, such as bean curd skin, kelp, potato powder, mushroom and other cooking materials.

3. If you want to eat red tofu and green vegetables now, you can put these ingredients into it and cook them for 1 or 2 minutes.

if you are worried about buying too many seasoning additives, you can also make your own soup base.

1. Prepare proper amount of green pepper, dry red pepper, ginger, garlic, salt, Chinese prickly ash, soy sauce, bean paste and concentrated chicken juice.

2, Sichuan green pepper, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, Daliao and dry red pepper are put into the unheated pot to stir fry.

3. In the process of stir frying, the oil temperature gradually increases. After the color of pepper and pepper changes, put ginger slices and garlic into the pot and stir fry them together until fragrant.

4. Add the bean paste and stir fry until the oil turns red.

5. Pour plenty of boiled water into the pot, then add appropriate amount of concentrated chicken juice and salt, and stir well.

6. Boil over high heat for 5 minutes.

7, and then often whether the salty soup is suitable for their own taste.

8. The last step is to add your favorite ingredients. First put the ones that are resistant to cooking, and then put the ones that are not resistant to cooking, so as not to cause the ingredients to paste.

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