How about the inflatable bed

the inflatable bed makes full use of the air’s pervasive characteristics. When sleeping, the human body and the bed are 100% identical, and all parts of the human body are evenly stressed, so as to overcome the blood circulation obstacles caused by the uneven stress of the traditional bed. In foreign countries, the air bed is also known as the health bed. The inflatable bed gets rid of the bulky defect of traditional furniture and can be placed at will indoors and outdoors. After deflating, the volume is small, and the collection and carrying are very convenient. It is suitable for many places, such as migrant workers who often move, temporary bed making, office nap, tourism and camping. Aerated bed according to & quot; Ergonomics & quot; Principle design, the use of air buoyancy can evenly support the human body, to achieve close fit between the bed and the human body, cervical spine, lumbar spine, legs and wrists are no longer suspended, is conducive to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, to create a natural, comfortable and healthy quality sleep for you!

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[1] the inflatable bed has a wide range of uses and functions

a. The inflatable bed is small in size and light in weight. The volume after venting is as large as that of ordinary household sheets, and the weight is also very light. It can be folded up and put into a backpack to carry.

b. It has the function of moisture-proof, so when opening the bed, it doesn’t need the bed frame, it can sleep directly on the ground.

c. For the friends who work outside and often move, the inflatable bed can not only reduce their burden, but also save some space for the bedroom.

d. Inflatable bed is not only the pet of newlyweds, but also the love nest of middle-aged and elderly couples. Its unique comfort makes people feel like floating on the water, floating in the clouds, people are motionless and romantic.

e. Suitable for family guest bed and temporary bed opening.

f, others, such as camping, swimming, rest after work or exercise, nap, etc., are its scope of application.

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