How can a baby’s clothes become new when they are worn out?

How can a baby’s clothes become new when they are worn out?

how can a baby’s clothes turn into new clothes when they are worn out?

many mothers have a deep understanding that children’s clothes change the fastest. Or because of growing up, clothes become smaller and shorter; Or because playing on the floor, clothes tend to get dirty and old. So, is there no other way but to discard or give someone away? Of course not. In fact, as long as we change a little, many clothes can be reused.

1; Tights & quot; The pants are too tight. The way to solve the problem is to piece together. I put a white cloth of the same fabric on both sides of my trousers. The combination of red and white, printed cloth and pure color cloth achieves unexpected effect.

2. Gorgeous transformation of knitted skirt

this is a very common knitted suspender skirt, with pink mesh instead of yellow knitted fabric, pleated and sewed at the skirt head, and pleated with thread from a few centimeters above the skirt bottom at intervals at the hem. It was covered with a carved vest and a beautiful princess skirt.

3. White T-shirt & lt; Shame & quot; Dafa

the pattern on the clothes has been blurred, and white clothes are easy to be worn out. Several colored cloth of the same color system can easily solve this problem.

; Upgrade & quot;

how can such a monotonous skirt attract the eyes of the baby? Embroider a young tree on the top, sew white cotton lace on the hem, and the monotonous dress is full of childlike fun.

in fact, the transformation of old clothes is very simple. If it’s narrow and widened, it’s short and lengthened. If it’s defective, it’s covered with cloth or fancy cloth. If it’s monotonous, it’s embellished with patterns and lace. As long as you master these methods, every mother can change her baby’s old clothes. My mother, let’s move quickly.

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