How can family storage be separated? Learn to live with only necessary things

when shopping, few people care about whether their space can be put down and whether there is spare space for new things. It is precisely for this reason that many people find that there is no place to put things after shopping, and eventually the older the room, the more chaotic it is. In fact, as long as you master the skills of storage and cleaning, you can make the most of the space and store the most things. Here to share some storage and cleaning tips, I hope to help you.

Family separation storage method

1. Trisection method

trisection method is the most important storage method. For example, the kitchen can be roughly divided into three categories: food materials, cooking utensils and tableware. In principle, these three types should not be confused. For example, if there is food in the cupboard, this kind of situation must be avoided.

don’t classify things too carefully at the beginning. Too detailed classification will cause confusion. For example, it’s easy to forget to divide them into four categories, but it’s not enough to divide them into two categories. It’s just good to divide them into three categories, which is convenient for action. First divided into three categories, and then subdivided into three categories, and so on. In this way, the classification work can go on smoothly.

I divide condiments into three categories. The top layer is powder condiments, salt, sugar, soda powder and pepper. The middle layer is commonly used condiments, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and cooking wine. The bottom layer is not commonly used condiments, such as white vinegar, oyster sauce and tomato sauce.

2.“ 7、 Five, one & quot; Principle of total amount limitation; 7、 Five, one & quot; The principle of total limit is that 70% items can only be placed in invisible storage space, such as cabinets with doors; Visible storage space can only put 30% items, such as cupboards, sideboards; Decorative space for people to see, can only put 10% of the items, such as wine cabinet, decorative frame. The spare space is the guarantee of beauty. It makes people have the desire to maintain and clean up. At the same time, it is also the channel of goods in and out, making the goods in and out more smoothly.

I think so. We might as well open a home magazine at will. It’s not hard to find that the reason why the home environment is so pleasant is not that the storage tools are exquisite and the storage skills are superb, but that the number of items is small. It’s hard not to enjoy the environment with a few clothes hanging in the wardrobe and three or four books on the shelf. Learn to control the total amount of goods in family arrangement, learn to leave blank, and the environment will be beautiful naturally.

3. The replacement principle of the principle of concomitant total amount limitation

. The replacement principle of the principle of concomitant total amount limitation is emphasized here; Break & quot; And & lt; She & quot; The dynamic cycle of. That is to say, after purchasing new items, we should replace the lower ranking items in the family, so that the total amount of items will not change because new items come into the home. For example, when we buy a new dress, we will abandon the one with the lowest liking in the wardrobe and always use the best ones.

this principle is very important. If the items in the home can’t get in and out, they will soon return to their original state, and they have to do a comprehensive & lt; Break away & quot; It’s too late. To update and replace the items, always only use the favorite things, the mood will become cheerful.

4. Only one action principle

. Only one action principle refers to the taking and homing of objects, which can be completed by the least action. For example, open the cabinet, take out the box from the inside, open the lid to get the same items, this way of placing is cumbersome. The most necessary action to take out the goods is to open the cabinet and take out the goods. In this way, people will not feel troublesome and it is very convenient to return the goods after using them. Take a little thought to remove redundant actions, people will not produce redundant pressure, sorting work will not become a burden.

do & lt; Just one action principle & quot;, We should pay attention to the way of placing things. If you leave the object open without the cover, it will simplify the taking action. In the arrangement of items, I try to arrange them in a row instead of several rows inside and outside, so that all the things I need are on the surface, so that I can take and return them freely and conveniently.

snack corner at home. Remove the cover of the plastic box and open it. Cut off a circle at the opening of the packing box and bag and put it open for easy access.

There should be a holistic view in family storage

. I believe that readers of “breaking away” will first arrange reasonable positions for items in their minds before family storage, After our careful consideration, this position is the result of our reasonable classification of goods and overall planning of the family storage system. It is in line with the following requirements: a.

2. Although it hasn’t been used for more than a year, it has something scheduled for use.

3. After serious consideration, I still feel that I can’t throw away things.


1. In the last two or three years, no one in my family has used it, and there is no scheduled thing to use.

2, broken things, things that can’t remove dirt. 222, 333, 0001, 113, something I don’t like.

decide where to put the articles

1, decide where things must be placed

2, place the used things

3 in the place of use, fix the place where to put the things

, storage of closet

key 1, partition with shelves, partitions, drawers and other small things

key 2, Frequently used things should be put in the most easy place to access

point 3, according to the use of the decision to store the place, classification

point 4, drawer on the line of sight

point 5, light things on the top, heavy things on the bottom

: difficult to access the place. Zoom in on the box and quilt. The storage box with handle in front is very convenient. You can put some things that are only used according to seasonal changes and old things that are not commonly used. But you can’t put heavy things. It’s a place that you can’t reach even with a ladder. You can put things you don’t need.

: the easiest gold area to access. It can store things commonly used in daily life. Drawer and hanger can be used to store clothes. If you only put the quilt, you can put the large storage box below to make effective use of the space. It’s invisible, but it’s easier to reach. Separated by shelves, small things can be put in boxes to hold things like clothes and bags, including first-aid boxes, groceries, rare books and old magazines.

: it’s also very convenient to squat down to pick up things. You can put clothes, irons, vacuum cleaners, children’s toys, etc. Put some often used things, you can use hangers, special shelves, drawers, cabinets, etc. It can store household appliances and other infrequently used things, but we should pay attention to moisture-proof. Master basic skills and make good use of the closet space! The storage of

kitchen is

1, and the storage of

2 with the minimum action. All kinds of sizes and shapes should be well cleaned up

3, and keep clean

. Even in the narrow kitchen, often taking vegetables and condiments will make people tired. If you want to cook well, in & lt; Refrigerators & mdash& mdash; Cooking table & mdash& mdash; Storage rack & quot; Keep a distance of 2-3 steps between them. Things should be put in the place where you only need to reach out or take a step

things outside the kitchen should also be paid attention to, things that are often used should be put in the place where they are easy to take, and heavy things should be put below. Easy to damp things to avoid boiling water.

kitchen cabinet: because it is too high, it is not easy to take, so it is not used for a long time. Where it’s easy to get, put seasonings and other damp things. Cooking table: easy to take place, but because of the lack of space, so often used condiments and detergents, sponges and so on. Drawer: the second easy place to get things. Place spoons, measuring cups, scissors, bottle openers and other frequently used things in order.

the following shelf: there may be no fixed shelf because of the drainage pipe, so you can avoid the drainage pipe and use some shelves to put pallets and other things. The place where you can easily access without squatting can be used for tools and large dishes. It’s very wet at the bottom. It’s used to store things that won’t get damp, such as bottles, or heavy tools that are not used very much.

Bathroom Storage

basic part:

because of humidity, pay attention to drainage and ventilation, keep clean

small things after classification, storage

don’t want to reveal things, use the door or curtain to cover the soap, basic cosmetics, etc Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. are placed in easy to take positions. Things that are easy to pour can be packed in boxes. For beauty, you can decorate some green plants and lovely groceries. In

, if there is space, you can put slender drawers. Storage of cosmetics, towels, underwear and other things is very practical.

under the washstand, you can avoid the water pipe and use the shelf used in the kitchen. Store toothpaste, hair care products, shampoo, bath liquid, detergent and other inventory and cleaning supplies.

Storage skills of porch and shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet is divided into easy access and difficult access. Separate the shoes according to the frequency of use. The degree of difficulty is shown in the figure below.

it’s not easy to take. It can store shoes that are not of the season. Bag storage is recommended, especially for beach shoes, slippers and children’s shoes. Compared with the box access, it takes less space.

if the upper space in the shoe cabinet is too high, you can add your own partition. With CD box or MD, tape support, put on the partition can be more effective use of space.

put bricks under the shoe cabinet to put the shoes you need to wear every day, children’s shoes.

use the shoe box to increase the space of the shoe cabinet, on which you can put the shoes you often wear.

folding umbrella and brush can also be put in the shoe cabinet.

things you need when you go out can be stored here. Notebook key, handkerchief scissors, glue watch umbrella in the shoe cabinet with a small box to store these things, slowly develop the habit can avoid the situation of not finding things.

from spring and autumn to winter and summer

no matter how busy you are, you should pack your clothes at least once in half a year. From spring

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