How can food be disfigured in this way?

How can food be matched in this way; Disfigurement;?

how can you match food like this; Disfigurement;?

food is very wonderful. It has cold and heat properties. Food is rich in nutrition, protein, vitamins, etc. different food combinations can achieve different effects. Some food combinations can promote the absorption of nutrition, while some food combinations can have disfigurement effect, making your skin color dim and long spots, Acne and so on.

milk + orange

eat orange just after drinking milk, the protein in milk will first meet with the fruit acid and vitamin C in orange and solidify into blocks, affecting digestion and absorption.

seafood + fruit

fish, shrimp and algae in seafood are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. If you eat with fruits containing tannic acid, it will not only reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also easily make the calcium in seafood combine with tannic acid to form a new indigestible substance, which will stimulate the stomach and cause discomfort. The fruits with more tannic acid are persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawthorn, green fruit, etc.

cucumber + peanut

cucumber diced, mixed with boiled peanuts, as a refreshing cold dish, is often used. In fact, it’s not very appropriate. Because the combination of these two foods may cause diarrhea. Cucumbers are sweet and cold in nature, and are often eaten raw, while peanuts are oily. Generally speaking, if the cold food meets with oil, it will increase its smoothness and may cause diarrhea.

soda + Chocolate

no matter what flavor of chocolate is, it belongs to high calorie, high sugar and high fat food. It is not suitable to match soda or juice with high sugar content at the same time. When eating chocolate with a cup of hot tea is a good choice, tea can absorb chocolate inside the oil, reduce the probability of accumulation.

cake + tofu

this is related to the classification of food, there is a classification method, the food is divided into intensive and non intensive food. In addition to fruits and vegetables, other foods, such as meat, milk and cereals, are not dense foods. The food matching method is to advocate that we can only use one kind of dense food in the same meal with vegetables. Like tofu with protein and cake with starch, both belong to intensive food, and eating together is bound to gain weight.

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