How can honey mask be done every day?

honey mask is a honey mask made of honey as the main raw material. The mask with different nutritional ingredients has different efficacy. Confusion can not achieve the desired effect, and the wrong mask can also cause intense stimulation to the skin and damage the skin. Honey and egg white facial mask is an excellent natural mask. When it is modulated, it can be slightly thicker. Milk and honey mask can nourish skin, reduce wrinkles, and make skin white and tender. Our skin absorbs the nutrition of honey and will become more smooth, glossy, delicate and compact. Let’s work together to make a honey mask for yourself.

honey mask production method

honey Moisturizing Mask:

honey 1 spoons, 1 milk powder, egg white 1, mix evenly make mask, use cotton swab to smear its face on a thin layer, wash it with warm water in 20 minutes.

honey honey dispel mask:

honey 1, 1 glycerin, 3 water, 1 flour, mix evenly make paste, apply to the surface 20 minutes later, wash with water, this method is applicable to ordinary dry skin decay.

honey Whitening Mask:

honey contains a large number of amino acids, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and carbohydrates that can be absorbed by human body, which has the beauty function of nourishing skin care. Use honey to add 2-3 times water to dilute, apply face everyday, can make skin bright and clean, delicate.

honey Anti Acne Mask:

honey 1 spoons, natural salt half teaspoon and egg [2]. Stir the egg white and salt until frothy, then pour in the honey and stir. Apply after cleaning the face to avoid touching the eyes and lips. Apply it for one to two minutes. After the protein is completely dried, clean the face with warm water, then wash it with frozen water for another time, and then dry it.

does the honey mask department do it every day?

, mask can not be done every day, because the skin also has a physiological cycle. When the new cycle starts, the absorptive capacity of the skin is the best. Strengthening nursing at this time will get very good results. But if the skin needs to get rid of the aging horny, you still insist on doing the same kind of mask. It will make the pores clogged and cause inflammation, and it will start to develop acne.

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