How can the bath towel not fall off easily? Tips for wrapping bath towel

often watch some beautiful women on TV take a bath wrapped in bath towel, sexy charm, but they are always wrapped badly. How to wrap the bath towel? Let’s learn about it:

the function of bath towel : it is mainly used to dry the body. Because the area of the towel is small and the length is limited, it is often very urgent and cold to dry the body with a towel, and it is not easy to wipe the back. The bath towel can be draped on the body to absorb water drops, and the back is also easy to dry, so as to avoid catching cold´╝ł However, in summer, some people are used to wipe themselves with towel and use the bath towel as a skirt or chest skirt, which saves the bathrobe.)

How can the bath towel not fall off easily? In fact, it’s very simple. As long as it’s tight, it won’t fall off. Don’t do exercise with bath towel, right.

wrap the bath towel on your body as usual. When wrapping it to the end, don’t put a corner in it as before. Instead, we need to roll out the whole top of the towel. After such treatment, even if you pull the towel down like this, it won’t fall off.

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