How can the expired label on the front windshield be completely removed?

How can the expired label on the front windshield be completely removed?

how can the expired label on the front windshield be completely removed?

1, chemical scavenging method

& lt; In fact, before removing the logo stickers on the front windshield, you can use a hot towel to wet the logo. When it gets wet, some logo stickers can be easily torn off& rdquo; Mr. Wang, the owner of the car, said; If there is no solar film on the front windshield, a special cleaning solution, such as asphalt cleaner, can be used. If you don’t have these scavengers, you can also use soapy water or washing powder water to soak them, which can also achieve the effect of complete removal& rdquo;

if the front windshield is attached with a solar film, you can use a towel dipped in a small amount of alcohol to repeatedly wipe the logo, but never spray it directly on the glass, otherwise the film will be damaged& ldquo; No matter whether the front windshield is attached with solar film or not, you can’t use sharp tools such as blades to remove the label. Otherwise, the glass or solar film will be scratched. All kinds of bank cards, membership cards and telephone cards are good tools& rdquo; Mr. Wang stressed.

2, physical cleaning method

physical cleaning method is actually very simple, almost every family has tools, that is, hair dryer for hairdressing. Ms. Huang, the owner of the car, said that if conditions permit, a long plug-in board can be used to lead the power to the outside, plug in an electric hair dryer, and heat the logo around with hot air. After a while, all kinds of logo can be easily uncovered.

3, once and for all law

now on the market there are special paste logo tools, such as static paste or sucker stick. Electrostatic stickers are not expensive. They are similar to the protective stickers used to protect the screen of mobile phones, but the size is slightly larger than the logo stickers. Car owners can paste the logo stickers on the electrostatic stickers first, and then paste the electrostatic stickers on the front windshield glass, which is very firm and will not stick to the front windshield glass when removing.

electrostatic stickers are disposable, while sucker stickers can be used repeatedly. The sucker stick is similar to the ultra-thin photo frame, in which the logo stick is placed, and then it is fixed on the front windshield by the sucker stick. These two tools are easy to install and take. Although the electrostatic sticker can not be recycled, it has a more beautiful effect than the recyclable sucker sticker.

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