How can we stop drinking

how can we stop drinking? This problem is very important for people who like to drink. In our reality, we should have met people who like to drink very much. These people usually drink all kinds of wine, but usually they drink only one kind of wine. That is to say, most alcoholics like to drink only one kind of wine, which is also the habit of most people who like to drink.

abstinence is very important for many people, because regular drinking or excessive drinking has a great impact on the body. Many people break up their families and separate their wives and children because of drinking too much. This is not only the plot of TV series. Now, let’s talk about how to give up drinking, hoping to help those who want to give up drinking.

1. Don’t hide all the wine. Family members often make excuses to try to hide the wine to avoid excessive drinking. Don’t do that. Let them experience the bad consequences of drinking. 2. Grasp the best time to persuade people to quit drinking. The best time to talk to an alcoholic is just after a drinking related issue has been raised (such as after a heated family argument or an accident). Choose a time when he or she is calm and you can have a private conversation. 3. Special care. Tell you that a family member is worried about his or her drinking. If necessary, use examples of the hazards caused by drinking, including the latest incidents. 4. Talk about the results. Explain to the drinker what you would do if he or she didn’t ask for help – not to blame, but to implement measures to avoid his or her problems, such as refusing to attend social activities that provide alcohol and going out of the house to stay away from alcohol. Don’t overdo it without thinking about it. 5. Ask for help. Collect information about alcohol treatment in your community in advance. If he or she needs help, call immediately to make an appointment with a treatment consultant. It is suggested that you should go with me when you participate in a treatment program for the first time. 6. Mobilize friends. If a family member still refuses to get help, ask a friend to talk to him or her in the above way. A friend who has just overcome alcoholism may be persuasive, but anyone who is compassionate and easygoing can help. More than one person, more than once to talk to, usually very necessary, can gradually make alcoholics volunteer to seek help.

to sum up, we will know that there are many ways to abstain from alcohol, and most people use almost the same way to abstain from alcohol. In fact, in order to achieve real abstinence, first of all, we abstinence personnel must have strong willpower and believe that we can give up alcohol. In addition, we want to abstain from alcohol people must correct their attitude, can not always do things halfway.

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