How can we tell if the fabric is pure cotton?

How can we tell if the fabric is pure cotton?

how can we tell if the fabric is pure cotton?

first move:

pure cotton fabric feel natural and soft, feel plump and thick, slightly with astringent feeling and muscle feeling, can pull the range is small, after pulling the recovery speed is slow; The chemical fiber fabric feels soft and loose, has a slippery feel, and has a large stretching range. Once you let go, it will bounce back to its original shape. In addition, due to the tenacity and weak elasticity of cotton yarn, the recovery time of pure cotton after crease will be slightly longer. When judging pure cotton, the fabric can be folded in half, and then scraped along the edge with nail. After unfolding, the more obvious the scratch is, the higher the cotton content is, while the pure chemical fiber fabric will not have scratch.

the second move:

in addition to mercerized cotton treated with caustic soda, pure cotton fabric has no obvious luster, natural and soft color, when it is put down naturally, it has a natural draping feeling, very few & lt; Reflection & quot; Phenomenon, when you buy, you can flatten the bedding and add a certain amount of tension, and then make the fabric and body downward at a 45 angle to the light source, if there is a bright flash, then it must be high content of chemical fiber. In addition, due to the addition of fluorescent whitening agent, the white of chemical fiber will be more white than that of pure cotton, and even have a dazzling feeling.

Level 3:

from a professional point of view, the best way is to use & lt; Samadhi’s true fire & quot; Refining: take out the small yarn from the seam edge for fire detection. The real natural cotton fiber will not shrink when burning, but will produce a natural yellow flame like paper. At the same time, it will produce the smell of burning paper. After burning, it will produce gray ash that can be crushed; The chemical fiber will melt and drip when burning, and the smell of black smoke and burning glue will form black hard spots when burning.

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