How can women be indifferent when they often drink?

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these poisonous foods are harmful to health!

1, pickled food.

in salting fish, meat, vegetables and other food, it is easy to make the added salt into nitrite. Under the catalysis of enzymes in the body, it is easy to react with various substances in the body to produce imine carcinogens. People are prone to cancer when they eat too much, and promote premature aging of the human body.

2, food containing lead.

lead can significantly reduce the contents of norepinephrine, dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine in the brain, cause neurotic conduction block, cause memory decline, dementia, mental retardation and other diseases. Excessive lead intake by the human body will directly destroy the function of DNA, the genetic material in nerve cells, which will not only make people suffer from dementia, but also make people’s face gray and aging prematurely.

3, scale.

tea sets or water utensils will produce scale after being used for a long time. If they are not cleaned up in time, regular drinking will cause diseases of digestive, nervous, urinary, hematopoiesis, circulation and other systems and cause aging. This is because the scale contains more harmful metal elements such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum and so on. Scientists have used 98 days of hot water bottle scale chemical analysis, found that more harmful metal elements: cadmium 0.034 mg, mercury 0.44 mg, arsenic 0.21 mg, aluminum 0.012 mg. These harmful metal elements do great harm to human body.

4, moldy food.

when grains, oils, peanuts, beans, meat and fish are moldy, a large number of bacteria and aflatoxin will be produced. Once these moldy substances are eaten by people, they may cause diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, dizziness, irritability, enteritis, hearing loss and general weakness, or cause cancer, deformity and premature aging.

5, high temperature oil fume.

after comparative analysis of foreign research institutions, it is pointed out that Chinese people like to use high-temperature cooking oil to cook dishes, and the stove temperature is about 50% higher than that of western families. Usually, under the catalysis of high temperature, edible oil will release smoke containing butadiene. Long term inhalation of this substance will not only change human genetic immune function, but also be prone to lung cancer. The research report shows that rapeseed oil is more carcinogenic than peanut oil, because the butadiene released by rapeseed oil at high temperature is 22 times higher than peanut oil. In order to avoid this kind of harm, cooking oil should not be heated more than the boiling point of the oil when making dishes. It is better to heat the oil, so as to avoid smoke and fire, damage health and promote facial wrinkles.

6, lipid peroxide.

lipid peroxide is a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids. For example, fried fish, shrimp, meat and other edible oil, placed for a long time will generate lipid peroxide; Dried fish and cured meat that have been exposed to the sun for a long time; Biscuits, cakes, Camellia oleifera noodles, Oils and fats stored for a long time, especially the oils and fats that are easy to produce the taste of HA La, will produce lipid peroxide after the rancidity of oils and fats, which will cause great damage to the acid system and vitamins in the human body after entering the human body, and accelerate the aging of human beings.

7, alcoholic beverages.

drinking a lot or often in daily life will lead to liver alcoholism and inflammation, leading to male sperm deformity, sexual function decline, impotence, etc; Women will appear irregular menstruation, stop ovulation, decreased libido and even sexual apathy and other premature aging phenomenon.

8, smoke.

when the harmful gases in the fire, soot, cigarette and dust are inhaled into the lungs through the respiratory tract and penetrated into the blood, they will bring great harm to people. Smokers, in particular, inhale smoke into the lungs. Nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide provide conditions for cholesterol deposition, which can cause arteriosclerosis and promote aging.

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