How can you buy cheap and high quality cotton

if you think cotton can only be used to remove makeup? Then you look down on this little piece of cotton. What’s the magic of a piece of cotton pad? In fact, its use is endless. Let’s dig together!

How to choose cotton pad?

in the selection of cotton, mainly to its touch and elasticity to determine the primary factor. It should feel soft and malleable. Because the cotton pad is afraid of light, including the light in the store may damage its quality, so when buying cotton pad, if it is displayed in a row, don’t take the first one, but take the back, because the cotton pad in the back won’t enjoy a lot of & quot; Sunbathing & quot;. Another practical way to distinguish is to fold the cotton pad in half and rub it with each other. If you don’t rub it a few times, you can’t use it.

hand feel

non irritating material, because of direct contact with the skin, the best material selection is natural cotton, and the touch should be soft and comfortable; At the same time to avoid any chemical substances added, such as fluorescent agents. The size should be convenient. The correct way to take the cotton pad is to cover the cotton pad with the index finger and ring finger on the middle finger. This is the most convenient way to control the force and direction. Each person’s finger length is different, so it’s better to choose the suitable and convenient way to take it. Thickness should be moderate, do not use too thin cotton pad for fear of wasting maintenance products. The cotton pad used for skin care should be at least 3 cm thick, so that when wiping, the amount of water absorbed is sufficient, not only the skin feels very comfortable, but also will not cause irritation to the skin due to repeated friction. If the thickness of cotton pad is insufficient, two or more pieces can be used together. The density should be enough. The density of the cotton pad should be strong enough. It will not break when wiping the skin, causing the cotton wadding to fall or remain. Before use, you can use your hand to gently pull the cotton pad to test. It’s easy to pull the broken cotton pad to indicate that the density is not enough.


because it is in direct contact with facial skin, it is necessary to avoid the addition of any chemical substances, such as bleach, because the chemical residues in the cotton pad may dissolve after encountering moisture. Natural cotton should be a light cotton flavor, if there is any fragrance should stop using. If possible, you can do a small experiment at home. Ignite a piece of cotton pad with a lighter and blow it out immediately. The smell of cotton pad with chemicals is pungent. High quality cotton pad should have the smell of natural plant ash.

visual inspection

too thin cotton pad, wipe the amount of water absorption is not enough, the skin touch is very uncomfortable, excessive friction on the skin caused by stimulation, cotton pad thickness is insufficient, can be used in combination. It seems that the thinner make-up cotton, wipe may break, wipe the whole face cotton wadding, will be quite embarrassing. When choosing, usable hand is pulled gently experiment, pull easily the makeup cotton that breaks to indicate density is insufficient.

The magic of cotton

cotton mix toner

when the toner touches the palm, the hand skin will first absorb the nutrient content of the toner, so the use of cotton can better control the toner, And make-up cotton effect in the face is equivalent to the face for the second cleaning. Therefore, make-up water with cotton make-up use, let the maintenance effect more points.


1, put the cotton pad on the hand, drip the water, soak the cotton pad.

2. Fix the cotton pad with index finger and little finger, and then pad it with middle finger and ring finger.

3, and then wipe from the chin from the bottom up. Skin radioactive texture, wipe from the inside to the hairline, and finally wipe the T area (nose, forehead).

make up cotton MIX emulsion

you may feel that it will be wasted and not well absorbed by rubbing lotion with cotton pads. In fact, it can be rubbed evenly with cotton wool emulsion, because the skin table has leather grooves, and the cotton can be filled with bump. Hand daub alone, there are many parts difficult to take into account, with cotton can take into account those corners. The collocation of cotton and latex can not only provide adequate nourishment to the skin, but also clean the horny properly.


1, the emulsion on the cotton pad, because the emulsion composition is relatively strong, may not be able to absorb, so you can make both sides of the cotton pad gently folded, so that it evenly distributed on the cotton.

2. Press gently on the skin, and the effective ingredients of the emulsion can be &ldquo. Pressure & quot; Enter the cuticle of the skin, so that the essence can be absorbed in the deep part of the skin. There is no fat layer support for eye skin. It is recommended to use non pressure pad cotton with a thickness of about 5mm. The cotton is soft and will not cause traction to the eye skin. It is easy to control the amount of emulsion exudation.

Make up cotton mix powder

can make up cotton also act as a powder puff? you ‘re right! Disposable cosmetic cotton powder can greatly avoid the unclean problem of foundation brush and powder puff. This small method is also more suitable for makeup when going out (because summer is much heavier with powder). After all, the size of the cotton pad is much smaller than that of the paint and is easier to carry.


1, tear the cotton pad into two pieces, but don’t tear it completely.

2. Put 1 teaspoon of loose powder in the middle.

3. Fold the cotton pad in half and gently pull it outwards to enlarge the gap of the cotton pad.

4. Then hold the cotton pad with your fingers and pat it gently on your face. The fine powder will come out through the gap of the cotton pad. You can also use the hairy place on the broken surface of the cotton pad as a brush to sweep the powder evenly.

cosmetic cotton MIX blush

heard that it is more natural to use make-up cotton to smear blush. Come and have a try. But must use the pure natural material oil degreasing cotton, will not leave the fiber on the face, will not cause the pore to block.


1. Tear a piece of thick absorbent cotton from the middle.

2. Take half of the torn surface, gently tear the two sides down, turn them over and open them into a cotton ball.

3, use this cotton ball to dip the blush and sweep it on the cheek.

cosmetic cotton & amp; Cotton stick MIX eye shadow

, during the makeup process, you must have used two kinds of small things like cotton piece and cotton stick. Do you know if they can be used as eye shadow brush collocation? The color is clear and clean. Don’t worry about the dirty color of the eye shadow caused by the unclean eye shadow brush. It also solves the problem of frequent cleaning of eye shadow brush.

1. Tear off the upper layer of absorbent cotton pad and pull out a small strip of cotton wadding in the middle.

2. Then wrap one end of the cotton swab around the cotton wadding. The cotton wadding should be fluffy without wrapping.

3, adjust the appropriate shape with your hands and dip it on the eye shadow.

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