How can you eat gallstones like this!

How can you eat gallstones like this!

how can you eat gallstones like this!

gallstones are common diseases in China. The incidence rate of adults is about 10%, including gallstone family history. The incidence rate of obese women over 40 years old is over 20%. In addition to genetic factors, the formation of gallstones is also closely related to lifestyle; It’s eaten & quot;.

1: love sweets

love sweets or excessive intake of foods with high sugar content, such as refined rice, flour, etc. will also accelerate the accumulation of cholesterol, resulting in the imbalance of cholesterol, bile acid, lecithin in the bile, which may lead to the risk of stone formation.

2: love to eat & lt; Big oil & quot;

long term high-fat, high cholesterol diet, easy to make blood lipid (commonly known as blood oil) level is too high, the formation of hyperlipidemia. With the increase of blood lipids, as a part of blood lipids, the level of cholesterol also increases. If the cholesterol concentration in bile is too saturated, it is easy to precipitate cholesterol crystals and form stones. High fat food mainly includes: animal fat, such as lard, mutton oil, butter, etc. High cholesterol food mainly includes: cream, egg yolk, animal viscera, fish roe, pig brain, sheep brain, etc.

3:“ Herbivores & quot;

in fact, a long-term low-fat diet is also a disadvantageous factor for gallstones. Low fat will affect the body’s absorption of nutrients, resulting in bile deficiency and malnutrition, causing gallstones. When vitamin E and vitamin A are deficient, it may also affect cholesterol metabolism and lead to the formation of gallstones, which can not be ignored.

4: do not eat breakfast

long term irregular diet, especially those who do not eat breakfast, concentrated bile in the gallbladder stasis time is too long, will also make the probability of cholesterol precipitation greatly increased.

5: taking contraceptives

long term oral contraceptives, the risk of gallstone is two times higher than normal people. This may be related to sex hormones. Because the sex hormone in women’s body plays a certain role in the chemical composition of bile and the contraction function of gallbladder, which can promote the formation of stones.

6: do not like to drink water

usually do not like to drink water, or drink hard water containing more calcium and magnesium ions, bile concentration is also easy to produce stones. The hardness of water is related to the amount of calcium and magnesium ions. The water with high content is called hard water, and vice versa. The hardness of water quality is also related to the source of water. Water from deep wells, especially mineral water, dissolves more elements (calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, etc.) beneficial to human body in the crust, which belongs to hard water; The natural precipitation of rivers and lakes contains less such elements, so it is called soft water.

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