How can you get a good smell by eating

How to eat can eat a good smell of body fragrance

how to eat can eat a good smell of body fragrance

the real body smell is emitted from the body, rather than the use of chemical products piled up. If you want to keep a good smell, in addition to personal cleaning, you should pay special attention to your eating habits. The fragrance of the body depends on & lt; Eat & quot; If you insist on drinking flower tea every day, such as rose tea, peach tea, jasmine tea, osmanthus tea and so on, it can not only nourish your beauty, but also make you naturally emit the fragrance of flower tea. The key is to insist on it for a long time.

jasmine tea: it can not only clear the heart and eyes, but also make the skin fragrant. The essential oils, linalool and other substances are more effective in inhibiting pigment formation and activating epidermal cells.

rose tea: This is a kind of flower tea that many girls like. If you drink it properly every day, it can promote blood circulation, promote digestion, calm nerves, etc. drinking it in winter can also relieve cold hands and feet.

sweet scented tea: sweet scented tea has the functions of warming and tonifying yang qi, whitening skin, eliminating toxins in the body, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, nourishing and moistening the lung, eliminating halitosis and making the body smell fragrant.

2, eat more alkaline fruits and vegetables, eat less meat

fruits such as peaches, oranges, apples, bananas and papaya, vegetables such as celery, sprouts, spinach, etc., can neutralize the acidity of meat products, maintain acid-base balance in the body, adjust sweat gland function, reduce fatty acid products, so as to improve body taste. In addition, can also eat more detoxification effect of food, such as mung beans, black fungus, laver; Iron food such as beans, spinach; Magnesium food such as wax gourd, corn, sweet potato; wait. These foods help the body detoxify, promote metabolism, and naturally improve body odor.

in contrast, meat should be eaten less. Because the constitution of meat eaters will be acidic, the content of lactic acid, uric acid and other acidic substances produced in the process of metabolism will increase correspondingly, and these substances will produce peculiar smell when sweat comes to the skin surface. In addition, vegetables such as seafood, garlic, onion, leek, coriander and curry contain volatile substances. Due to the high permeability of sweat gland secretory cell membrane, these odors will be discharged through sweat and make the body emit peculiar smell, so it is also not suitable to eat more.

3, occasionally eat nuts to cultivate sentiment

eat more pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, hazelnut and other nuts to supplement magnesium, which can not only regulate mood and make people full of energy, but also make skin moist and produce fragrant body taste. Drinking more water when eating nuts can promote magnesium absorption. It’s just that nuts will get hot if you eat more, and the calories are higher, so eat moderately.

in addition to eating, keep in a good mood can also improve body taste yo.

research shows that when people are calm, smooth and happy, the production of short chain fatty acids decreases, while butyrate, lysine and so on & quot; Fragrance & quot; Secretion increases. When you are in a good mood, the sweat you secrete is rich; Fragrance & quot;, Even people who usually have the smell of sweat can greatly reduce the odor at this time. When the psychological stress, distress, nose, armpit, navel, groin and genitalia around the sweat glands and sweat glands all over the body secrete active, Staphylococcus decomposition speed up, short chain fatty acid production will increase, causing sweat.

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