How can you hurt your stomach if you eat too much of these “stomach nourishing food”?

These & lt; Stomach food & quot; How can you hurt your stomach if you eat too much?

; Stomach food & quot; How can you hurt your stomach if you eat too much?

in the eyes of experts, stomach food is not as simple as you think. Whether it is stomach food or not is also a prerequisite.

pasta: soft rotten noodles can nourish the stomach.

if the stomach is not good, you have to eat pasta. This argument is reasonable. Because pasta is generally easier to digest, especially for patients with too much acid in the stomach, eating more pasta can not only help the stomach digest better, but also because the alkali in the hair can neutralize too much acid in the stomach and play a therapeutic effect. Special tips from experts: & lt; Although pasta is more stomach nourishing, but also pay attention to the soft and hard pasta, cooking methods and so on. For example, soft noodles, steamed bread and so on are less irritating to the stomach than hard noodles, pancakes and so on. Especially for patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer, they should avoid stimulating the gastrointestinal tract in their daily life. They should not eat too hard, too cold, spicy and greasy food. Such patients are suitable for eating foods such as noodles and longxumian& rdquo;

Chinese Yam: the main method of nourishing stomach and injuring stomach is

Chinese yam belongs to starch food, and patients with stomach diseases can choose to eat it& ldquo; Chinese yam can’t raise stomach or hurt stomach, because from the composition of Chinese yam, there is no special stomach nourishing ingredient. It mainly depends on the method of cooking. Generally, the method of steaming is used. The yam made by this method is soft and has no stimulating effect on the stomach. It is suitable for all patients with stomach diseases& rdquo;

porridge: Patients with gastroesophageal reflux is not suitable for

porridge food belongs to liquid food, texture is very soft, easy to digest, can reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract, in theory, is a good stomach food. However, experts say that not all stomach patients are suitable for porridge. For example, patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease are not suitable for porridge. This is because porridge is relatively thin, patients drink after easy to cause reflux, resulting in gastric pantothenic acid, will aggravate the disease. Such patients are not recommended to eat too much liquid food, they are suitable for eating semi-liquid or semi-solid food.

experts told reporters that for most other patients with stomach diseases, it is very nourishing to drink some porridge. Porridge can reduce the stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract, and it can quickly enter the small intestine without a lot of chewing and stomach peristalsis, which is conducive to food digestion and easy to be absorbed by the human body. Moreover, for these people, porridge had better be cooked rotten, not too much coarse grains.

soda biscuit: it’s suitable for dinner. Don’t eat

soda biscuit. From the composition, it contains alkaline sodium bicarbonate, which can neutralize the gastric acid of people with strong gastric acid secretion, and alleviate the problem of excessive gastric acid secretion; Heartburn & quot; And other symptoms. Experts say: & lt; Soda biscuits can be eaten, but it should be noted that patients with stomach diseases should fully chew, chew slowly, and eat with some liquid food. Moreover, soda biscuits are not suitable for dinner, but can be used as an additional meal in the recovery period of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases& rdquo; As for the so-called & lt; Biscuits for nourishing stomach;, Among them, the content of stomach nourishing ingredients is very low, so it is not realistic to rely on it to nourish the stomach.

milk: two cups can be too much, but hurt the stomach

milk can dilute gastric acid, so it is often considered to be very suitable for stomach food. Experts say that compared with other foods, milk does stimulate the stomach less. Although some people think that milk can neutralize gastric acid and form a protective film on the surface of the stomach, in fact, excessive and frequent intake of milk will increase the secretion of gastric acid. Experts stressed that milk for patients with stomach disease is edible, but should pay attention to moderate. Each person should have 300 grams of milk and dairy products every day. One cup of milk (200-250 ml) at breakfast or one hour before going to bed at night, and a small cup of yogurt (100-125 ml) at lunch. Never use milk as a treatment for stomach diseases. Acute gastritis or stomach disease in patients with acute phase is not recommended to drink milk, because it will cause stomach distension and other discomfort. In addition, patients with lactose intolerance are prone to diarrhea after drinking milk, and are not suitable for drinking milk. These patients can replace milk with yogurt, cheese, etc.

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