How dangerous is eating too fast?

How dangerous is eating too fast?

eating too fast has so much harm?

1, easy to get fat

it takes time for the feeding center of the brain to perceive the information of satiety, and a small amount of small molecules digested in the mouth and stomach are crucial for appetite control. Therefore, the amount of fast meals is not controlled by the brain, only by the mechanical receptors of the stomach. However, when the stomach feels full, the diet has obviously exceeded the body’s needs.

studies have confirmed that the same amount of food, chew less, eat fast, will be more prone to hunger. Hunger not only hinders work efficiency, but also makes it easy to eat more next meal. Even between meals, people will take the initiative to seek high calorie snacks, snacks and drinks to satisfy their hunger, thus easily getting fat.

2, increased risk of cancer

oral chewing is of great significance, saliva mixing can eliminate toxic and harmful substances. If this step is omitted, it will increase the risk of carcinogenic effects. For starch food, it can not supply the dietary fiber which can promote the emission of carcinogens, and it can not supply the antioxidant components which are necessary to prevent cancer. In the long run, the risk of cancer will increase.

3, risk of chronic diseases

for starch staple food, if you eat it quickly, the blood sugar will rise faster, which will bring great pressure to the pancreas. This is very bad for preventing diabetes. Starch food and meat will make the control of blood lipids more difficult. If exercise is not enough, after 35 years old, it is easy to suffer from fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other diseases.

how to eat healthily?

healthy eating means good eating habits, so the following tips can help you how to eat healthily.

1, especially hungry to drink porridge

people in extreme hunger appetite is particularly strong, see what want to eat. In fact, at the moment, gastrointestinal digestive function has been damaged, if you eat and drink, it is easy to cause food stagnation. Especially hungry, should eat a small amount of semi liquid food, such as porridge, soup or rice noodles, and then slowly return to normal diet.

2, eat straight back

people eat in a relaxed state, it is easy to hunchback with chest, but do not know, this will make the esophagus and stomach pressure, affect digestion. In addition, eating at a low table, sitting on the sofa and squatting will cause abdominal pressure and affect the blood circulation of the digestive tract. As time goes by, it can cause stomach disease and affect cardiopulmonary function.

3, eat your favorite food first

, eat your favorite food first, it will make you get emotional satisfaction. Happy mood can quickly produce a sense of fullness, can avoid eating too much.

4, the interval between two meals is 4 to 6 hours,

, the interval between two meals is too long or too short will affect the human body, too long will cause a high sense of hunger, affect labor and work efficiency; Interval time is too short, digestive organs can not get proper rest, affect appetite and digestion. Generally speaking, mixed food stays in the stomach for about 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, 4 to 6 hours between meals is more appropriate.

5. Don’t use brain immediately after meals

after meals, the blood in the body will flow to the digestive organs, and the brain is relatively ischemic. At this time, using brain will cause mental tension, memory loss and other problems, and may also increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, be sure to rest more than half an hour after a meal and then enter the working state. Listening to music and taking a walk are good choices.

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