How did fruit wilt eat?

How did fruit wilt eat?

how to eat fruit wilt?

strawberry, kiwi juice drink.

it’s a pity to cook fruits rich in vitamin C such as strawberries and kiwifruit, because the vitamin content in strawberries and kiwifruit can reach the standard of more than 50 mg / 100g, which can be regarded as the leading fruit industry; The king;, But it’s not fresh to eat raw. At this time, you might as well mix it with yogurt and honey, make it into juice or milkshake to eat, while retaining nutrition, it is also a delicious dessert.

pear, sugar cane soup to drink.

as we all know, pear and sugarcane are cold fruits, people with gastritis, gastric ulcer or enteritis and other spleen and stomach problems had better eat them hot, and the vitamin C content of the two fruits is also not high, almost negligible, so eating them cooked will not reduce their nutritional value, but also has good heat clearing and lung moistening effects. The method is also very simple, first peel and dice the withered pear and sugarcane, add Lily and wolfberry, cook for about half an hour, and finally add some honey to flavor according to personal taste.

orange baked to eat.

orange has a high vitamin content, but it is rich in carbohydrates and fruit acids, which has a certain protective effect on vitamin C. Therefore, it’s OK to eat it with a little heat, and it won’t lose too much nutrition. You can first prick the skin of the orange with a needle, and then put it into the microwave oven with a small fire, the time is about 30 seconds.

bananas, apples fried to eat. Banana and apple are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber such as pectin, which have good therapeutic effect on patients with cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Moreover, the content of vitamin C in apples is less, and most of the polyphenol antioxidants can be preserved under the condition of heating. Therefore, apples and bananas that have been kept at home for a long time can be cooked. First cut the peeled apple into 1cm thick slices and cut the banana into two slices. Before frying, sprinkle a little olive oil in the pan. Then put the cut apple or banana in the pan and fry it over low heat for 5 ~ 6 minutes until the apple aroma is strong and the banana texture is soft.

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