How do office workers eat healthily at noon?

How do office workers eat healthily at noon?

how do office workers eat healthiest at noon?

no matter whether you bring your own food or eat fast food, which can not be said to be absolute health, how much will cause harm to the body. We have to do is to minimize its harm, the following health tips, office workers please put away.

first choice: bring your own meal.

1, storage time:

, the storage time of food should not exceed 12 hours. It’s better to get up in the morning to make it fresh. But if you want to come here, you need to pass. That night, you have to load the food while it’s hot, cool it, and then put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. And you also need to refrigerate that day to prevent the food from spoiling.

2, with rice tools:

, the best choice of glass or ceramic lunch box (supermarket or a treasure East a cat have sold, choose a good brand), do not bring inferior plastic lunch box! All meals are heated in the microwave oven, while plastic lunch boxes are usually not suitable for heating. Inferior lunch boxes are more likely to decompose toxic substances after heating, which is harmful to the body.

3, cooking method:

is more suitable for steaming, braised, stewing, etc., these methods can retain the color and flavor of vegetables, meat and other food to the greatest extent, so fried or fried food is not recommended. In the specific cooking process, the meat should be fully cooked, and the dishes should be as mature as possible, in order to prevent the microwave heating from further damaging its nutrients.

4, food choice:

theoretically speaking, we should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. Meat type choose low-fat, such as beef, chicken, lean meat, etc., vegetables should be mainly stem type, such as radish, lotus root, tomato and eggplant fruit, beans vegetables. It’s better not to bring green leafy vegetables, because the nutrition loss of green leafy vegetables overnight is serious, and do not bring seafood, usually the taste is poor after overnight, affecting appetite.

5, heating method:

lunch box should not be sealed, there should be air holes. In addition, do not let the food dry heating, can add some water, prevent food due to excessive evaporation and become dry. Under normal circumstances, microwave oven heating lunch box time control in about two minutes. If the food is not hot enough, put it in the microwave oven and turn it twice.

second choice: take out or eat out.


in fact, there are many forms of fast food. When eating, you should consider the balance of meat, starch, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. It’s better not to order meat or vegetables.

2, don’t be greedy for cheap.

choose a reliable store. Through the comparison of sales volume and evaluation, if you feel that the materials are not good, you can change it. Pay attention to the food hygiene, and prefer & lt; It’s not cheap enough; Don’t eat too much.

3, try to order less Western food.

generally speaking, Chinese restaurants have relatively healthy food choices, while foreign fast food has more fried food and desserts, which are high in calories and sweetness and are harmful to health.

4, light diet is better.

although salty and spicy takeout food is very appetizing, they are heavy oil and salt dishes. It is not suitable to eat in large quantities. It is better to choose steamed, scalded and stir fried dishes.

5. Add fruit after meal.

fruit is relatively scarce in fast food. You can consider eating a fruit or drinking some juice after fast food, which is not only convenient but also healthy.


lunch should not be too full, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive calories and obesity, so we can reduce the amount of food by chewing slowly. If you think it’s troublesome to calculate calories, you should be a little hungry on the eve of dinner.

7. Don’t just eat salad.

neither fruit salad nor vegetable salad can be eaten as a meal, because they do not contain carbohydrates and cannot produce a sense of fullness. And not balanced nutrition, so it is not recommended to eat salad dinner.


sugary drinks should be drunk less, because it will corrode teeth and increase the intake of sugar and energy, which is an unhealthy eating habit. Water can be used instead of drink, which is harmless to health.

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