How do people with different personalities eat

How do people with different personalities eat? How do people with different personalities eat? How do people with different personalities eat? How do people with different personalities eat?

recalcitrant people need to lower uric acid levels in their blood. It is suggested that we should first reduce meat, eat more fish, and green and yellow vegetables. In addition, it is also necessary to change the habit of eating instant noodles, drinking cool drinks or not eating breakfast.

2, how to eat the irascible person?

people with a bad temper should reduce the intake of salt and sugar, eat less snacks, and eat more kelp, crab, beans, longan, walnut kernel, mushrooms, etc.

3, irritable people how to eat?

people who are often upset should eat more foods containing calcium and phosphorus, such as peanut, milk, soybeans, oysters, eggs, etc., and the diet is not delicious and the taste is too heavy. Because the mood is irritable, probably because of calcium deficiency. Calcium is a natural stabilizer of the nervous system, which can prevent aggressive and destructive behaviors. Calcium deficiency in the human body can lead to functional disorders. So often feel irritable should use milk, cheese and other calcium food to calm the mood.

4, how to eat depressed and sentimental people?

lack of tryptophan is an important cause of depression. This kind of people should pay attention to supplement foods rich in tryptophan, such as black beans, pumpkin seeds and so on. In addition, grapes, apples and oranges can also help to please the body and mind and keep away from depression.

5, how to eat the suspicious and anxious people?

most people with doubts and worries are pale and thin, mainly because of their low intake of energy and protein, resulting in anemia and lack of physical strength. Can eat more vegetables, vegetables in potassium helps calm nerves, calm mood. Drink one or two cups of green tea properly every day, because green tea can relax people’s mood and make the spirit in a relaxed and pleasant state.

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