How does hair dye get on the skin to remove?

How does hair dye get on the skin to remove? How does

hair dye get rid of on the skin?

when you dye your hair at home, you will accidentally get the hair dye on the skin. The traces of the hair dye are very difficult to wash off and will stay on the skin for many days before it fades away, which is a headache. What shall I do? Xiaobian, here’s a trick.

method 1

prepare a tablet of vitamin C, grind it, turn it on with warm water, and then wipe the mark on the skin with a soft cloth.

method 2

find some cigarette ash or incense ash, mix it with some water, then apply it on the trace, rub it gently for a while, and then wipe it with a wet towel to remove it.

method 3

if you don’t have vitamin C or soot on hand, you can use gloves to dip the hair dye cream on your hair before washing your hair, then wipe the stains on your skin, and then rinse with water, which can also remove them.

tips for removing hair dye stains on clothes:

if your clothes are stained with hair dye, you can use a little & lt; Blanching Solution & quot; Put it on it and clean it with water. However, for some bright colors, better texture clothes, please use with caution!

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