How does high heel shoe grind a foot to do? Teach you how to keep your feet on the new shoes

How does high heel shoe grind a foot to do? Tips for wearing shoes: when you buy new shoes, you always wear them, even if they are famous brands with hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s very painful. Here are a few tips to help relieve the pain of grinding and pinching feet in new shoes ~ ~ there are two places where it is easy to grind feet in new shoes, one is the heel, the other is the outside of the big toe.

1. Cover the shoes with a wet towel for a few minutes, then wrap the squeeze place with a dry soft towel, and knock the shoes with a hammer to make the shoes smooth. After the leather of the shoes becomes soft and smooth, the shoes will not grind.

2. Take a piece of newspaper, knead it into a ball and dip it in water. Don’t get too wet, but dip the whole ball in water. Then take a piece of dry newspaper and wrap it in the wet newspaper. Put it in the place where you squeeze your feet. Then seal your shoes in a plastic bag and spend the night.

3. If the new shoes are too small and pinch your feet, you may as well use a wet towel to cover the wet, and then use the shoe wedge to support the big shoes, which will make them comfortable to wear.

4. Before putting on shoes, take a piece of soap (usually a candle can also be used) and apply a thin layer on the part that has the most contact with the heel, so that the heel will become smooth instead of grinding. I’ve tried point 1 and point 4 many times, and it’s very effective~ You might as well have a try. In addition, a good little method is attached.

5, careless kick flower toe can also be remedied oh. Some MM newly bought shoes, the tip of the shoe accidentally kicked flower, new new shoes with a little bit of print, will be good ugly. What’s a good way to remedy the heartache? Teach you a little way to use nail polish. If the black shoes are spent, use the black nail polish, and carefully apply them to the toe tips of the black shoes that are kicked. After drying, the color can not be seen, and the nail polish is also glossy, and the shoes look much prettier. As long as you use the same shoe color nail polish carefully coated with a broken toe, shoes will be much better.

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