How does scald do? Tips for life

How does scald do? Life tips

life tips

1, go out to check the necessary items are four: hand for money´╝ł ID card, mobile phone, key, wallet)

2. Put the straw through the middle of the pull ring of the can, and pull the pull ring by pulling the straw head and tail. It is suitable for people without nails (this method can also protect the nails).

3, as like as two peas are yellow, wipe them with soap or water and then brush them. Then wrap them in toilet paper. After drying, they are exactly the same as new ones.

4. If you don’t want to peel grapes, you can freeze them. When they are completely hard, you can soak them in brine for one or two minutes. When you gently pinch the pulp, they come out. The grapes are cold and delicious.

5. When taking ID photos, put your tongue against your upper jaw and smile naturally.

6, burping I know, a mouthful of water seven times to swallow OK, really can’t, another time, pro test effective, try again and again.

7. Put the plastic bag on the broom to suck away the hair on the ground.

8. If the straw can’t be inserted into the drink, you can easily insert it by blocking one end of the straw with your thumb.

9, oral ulceration. Before going to bed to eat five VC, sleep up nothing, try bailing.

10, scald, sprinkle sugar on the wound, it will soon reduce fever, better than scald medicine. Before the scald skin sprinkled sugar will soon be good, the family are using this method, absolutely not a heresy, but also do not leave scars.

11. The personal information on the express bill is afraid of leakage, so you don’t have to tear it off or apply it with a pen. Dip the tissue paper in some water, and it’s gone when you rub it.

12. If the rice is burnt, insert some scallions or garlic into the burnt rice, and then simmer for a period of time, you will not smell burnt.

13. Shake the egg before you knock it. After you knock it out, there will be no egg white on the eggshell.

14, aunt get to the sheets, do not have to remove to wash can also be clean as new coup: ready to draw paper, wet a lump of paper on the sheets aunt stains below, remember is below Oh, and then use dry paper from the sheets above suction, after a few times, the paper towel under the fast dry, aunt also followed the water molecules from the sheets suction to the top!

15. If you put a paper towel on the water when you go to the toilet, others won’t hear you pee. It’s necessary for an elegant person, and it can also prevent water splashing on your butt.

16. If you have a cold and your nose is blocked, lie down and lie on the opposite side (the right nose doesn’t lead to the left side). Your nose will pass in one minute. If it doesn’t work, you can call me.

17. Apply a layer of hand cream on your hands. When you use 520, it won’t stick to your hands.

18, after eating hot pot or barbecue, if it is not convenient to change clothes, just go home and put the clothes into a plastic bag, then tear a small mouth, blow with a hair dryer, you can deodorize.

19, is the music not loud enough when the mobile phone is empty? Put the mobile phone in the bowl to make sure the sound is loud.

20, plastic bags for lifting heavy objects? Use batteries or other cylinders as handles.

21. Is the shower broken? Drink bottles come to the rescue!

22, tissue box can be glued on the kitchen cabinet, both convenient and save space

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