How does suction cup hook always fall to do? Life tips teach you

How does suction cup hook always fall to do? Life tips to teach you

sucker hook always off how to do?

1, water:

the most commonly used method is to dip some water on the back of the hook before the sucker hook sticks to the wall, and then quickly stick to the wall. Although this way will be better than no water, but the effect is still not very ideal.

2, soapy water:

need better effect can use soapy water, also is the soapy water smear on the back of the sucker hook, and then quickly stick to the wall, when dry can hang things, the effect is very good.

3, egg white:

using egg white will be more troublesome, you need to first separate the egg white in the egg, and then use a cotton swab to coat the back of the hook with egg white, and then stick the hook to the place where you need to hang things after even application. Pay attention to the hook just glued on. Don’t hang things immediately. It usually takes about 12 hours to wait until the egg white is completely dry. At this time, under the action of egg white, the sucker hook will become very firm, and you don’t have to worry about dropping things.

4, toothpaste:

if you think it is troublesome and wasteful to use egg white, you can replace it with something simple and often used in your life. The best thing is toothpaste. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of toothpaste and apply it on the back of the sucker hook, and then stick it on the corresponding position. When the toothpaste is almost well combined with the hook, you can hang things. This way out of the effect is also very good, compared with water or soapy water daub effect is better.

to make the sucker hook more stable, the latter two are the best. Although water or soap is easy to operate and the raw materials are cheap, the effect is greatly reduced compared with egg white and toothpaste. It should be noted that before gluing the sucker hook, the cleanliness of the wall will also affect the gravity bearing capacity of the hook. Clean up the wall before gluing. When gluing, use force from the middle to all sides to press the air out of the suction hook. The less the air, the better the adhesion.

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