How does the clothing pilling drop wool to do? Skillfully solve home problems

How does the clothing pilling drop wool to do? Ingenious solution to household problems

ingenious solution to household problems

1, clothes pilling hair how to do?

cashmere sweater is warm and greasy, but it will Pille after several times! Hair remover can solve the temporary problem, but as time goes by, clothes will become more and more worn-out.

solution: put the new clothes in the fresh-keeping bag and put them in the refrigerator for a period of time. It will be much better to wear them again?

the most valuable part of jeans is the version, but many cleanliness addicts want to put them in the washing machine and roll around in one day. A good pair of trousers can’t be worn after washing several times.

solution: also give the pants to the refrigerator, the refrigerator will kill most of the bacteria in the pants.

3. What about the peculiar smell of clothes?

it’s hard to turn out a bottom, but for a long time, the clothes are full of lingering odor, even if they are not perfumed.

crack method: try vodka, it can kill a lot of bacteria ~ spray vodka on clothes, wait for it to dry, there will be no smell.

4, armpit sweat stains how to do?

most boys are & lt; Khan people;. Regardless of the seasons, T-shirt, shirt armpit part is a circle of sweat, wash also can’t wash out.

crack method: Lemon + water + soda powder. Put lemon juice and soda powder on the perspiration spot and let it stand for a few minutes to wash off. Miracle will happen.

5, how to do lipstick imprint?

the premise is that the clothes rubbed with lipstick can be washed.

solution: spray the hair gel on the lipstick mark, leave it for a few minutes and throw it into the washing machine.

6, collar rub makeup how to do?

will carefully dress up a delicate beauty every day, but when you go home to take off your clothes, you rub the cosmetics on the collar. How can you wash them off?

solution: apply shaving cream on the collar, leave for a few minutes and throw it into the washing machine.

7, sunglasses leg loose how to do?

wear sunglasses for a holiday, but they always slip because they are too loose. What if there is no screwdriver?

crack: cosmetic bags, nail polish? Put it on the joint of the mirror leg. It’s easy to use.

8, how to do suede stains?

do you have a pair of suede shoes that get dirty in 10 minutes? What if you can’t take detergent with you?

solution: small nail file, where dirty off where grinding, mother no longer need to worry about your suede.

9. What should I do if I want to lose my buttons?

attends the formal occasion, but discovers the shirt button to drop quickly. What if I don’t have a sewing bag?

, the solution: nail polish is still applied to the joints of buttons, and at least it can solve as pressing danger as possible.

10, how to deal with leather shoes stains?

who said that the stains on the leather shoes can be removed with a light wipe? Many stubborn stains on leather shoes can’t be wiped off.

solution: dip your toothbrush in white vinegar and start to brush ~

11, what about the peculiar smell of sports shoes?

usually sports shoes wear a day, take off will have odor, want not so embarrassed?

solution: just sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes.

12, how to deal with leather shoes wear?

I just wore a new pair of high-heeled shoes and accidentally ground them. It’s useless to wipe them with hands or water.

solution: dip a cotton swab in the universal Vaseline.

13, red wine stains how to do?

it’s really hard to wash clothes with red wine.

solution: neutralize it with white wine, and then wash it off.

14, clothes zipper is not easy to pull how to do?

the zippers of many clothes are very tight. The more anxious they are, the more difficult they are to pull.

solution: Universal vaseline and cotton swab can save you.

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