How long can chewing gum get rid of bacteria

a Dutch study found that only one piece of gum can eliminate hundreds of millions of bacteria in the mouth, that is, 10% of the total number of bacteria in saliva.

chewing gum can effectively clean the mouth,

researchers at the University of roningen in the Netherlands said that chewing gum can effectively clean the mouth, just like dental floss, although they target different areas of the mouth. The study, published in plosone, found that gum was most effective in the first 30 seconds of chewing, and then became less and less able to catch bacteria. In addition, they pointed out that sugar free gum can effectively eliminate bacteria, and gum containing sugar can feed these bacteria. Participants were asked to chew gum for 10 minutes. Results about 1 million bacteria were found in each piece of gum. Over time, the number of bacteria is on the rise. The bacteria on the gum can be clearly seen by scanning electron microscope. They used two unknown brands. Chewing a piece of gum can remove about 10% of oral microbes from saliva. However, chewing too long will make absorbed bacteria released back into the mouth.

continuous chewing changed the structure of chewing gum, and the hardness of gum was reduced due to the absorption of salivary components and the release of water-soluble components. This affects the adhesion of glue to bacteria, leading to the release of bacteria. The researchers added that their research could be used to develop chewing gum that removes specific diseases from the mouth.

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