How long can tanglishui last?

in fact, few people know tanglishui. Some people even don’t know whether tanglishui is edible or drinkable. In fact, tanglishui is a kind of soft drink, but we didn’t pay attention to it. Especially in the hot summer, tanglishui is loved by people, Because tanglishui is not just a drink, it can also help us resist and prevent some diseases.

tonic water is a kind of drink, which can help us quench thirst and reduce heat, but its composition is different from other carbonated drinks, so compared with other drinks, tonic water is more conducive to health. Now we need to understand the storage time of tonic water.

tonic water (also known as Indian tonic water) is a kind of soft bubble beverage, which uses quinine (also known as cinchona cream) as the main flavoring, with a natural plant bitterness, and is often used to blend with distilled alcoholic drinks.

at the beginning, tonic water was used as a drug. Plant alkaloids extracted from the bark of natural quinine had the effect of resisting malaria, a tropical infectious disease. In the early days, tonic water only contained carbonated water and quinine, and the dosage of quinine was very high. It was said that tonic water tasted too bitter to swallow. Therefore, British soldiers sent to Africa and India and other tropical areas at that time invented an alternative method of mixing tonic water with gin to reduce its bitterness.

shelf life: 547 days

storage method: store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

tonic water is a drink, but it is not an ordinary drink, so when we choose the usual soda and cola, we should pay attention to it, because drinking too much soda and cola is not conducive to our health, What we need is to choose drinks that are good for our health.

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