How long can you chew gum at most

chewing gum often can increase saliva secretion, so as to better clean the mouth and teeth. However, medical experts do not advocate chewing gum as a fashion, especially chewing gum too much or too long may have adverse effects on health.

first of all, most chewing gum uses sucrose as a sweetener. When chewing gum, the sugar stays in the mouth for a long time, and the cariogenic bacteria in the mouth will use sucrose to produce acid substances, which will corrode the teeth. Secondly, people who have used mercury containing materials should not chew gum. Studies have found that chewing gum regularly can damage the substances used to fill teeth in the mouth. Doctors recommend chewing gum for no more than 15 minutes, and people with stomach problems should not chew gum too much.

in addition, chewing gum for a long time, masticatory muscles are always in a state of tension, it is possible to develop the habit of night molars. In addition, if teenagers chew gum during their physical development, they may over exercise their masseter muscles, stimulate the development of muscles and bones in the mandibular angle, and eventually present a “square Chinese face”, which affects the face shape of women. Therefore, each chewing gum should be controlled within a quarter of an hour.

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