How long does bedclothes need to be replaced? How to choose and maintain bedclothes

people spend one third of their time in bed. With a comfortable bed, a perfect pillow and a soft duvet, we can make our bed more comfortable and comfortable. It should be made of natural materials, free of metals, latex or synthetic fibers.

contrary to popular belief, advanced mattresses don’t need much maintenance or turnover. High quality mattresses should also have detachable hoods placed on the bed frame with high quality solid slats to provide adequate ventilation.

because our body changes with age, we should consider the support provided by the mattress according to age. For hygiene and health reasons, the general rule of thumb is that mattresses should be replaced every seven to ten years.

2. Pillow

when choosing the perfect pillow, you should pay attention to the habitual sleep posture, so as to make the right choice.

different pillow designs can support your head and neck according to your sleeping position at night. For example, if you like sleeping on your side or if you’re a big person, a high pillow might be the best for you.

whether a pillow is comfortable or not depends on its inner filling, so be sure to understand it first. If it’s microfiber, make sure it’s soft, long fiber and high quality, not cheap, coarse chemical fiber cotton filler. If the fillers are natural fibers such as feathers, make sure they are unprocessed. This means it has animal friendliness and better filling quality& rdquo;

to make the pillow in the best state, it is necessary to pat every day, which can effectively make the pillow have good air flow and keep the fiber soft.

it is recommended that pillows be checked every 12 months for signs of wear. If the pillow feels flat or uneven or shows signs of too much dust, there may be dust mites trapped inside. It’s worth replacing them for your own comfort and health.

3. Bed sheet

for the durability of bed sheet, bed sheet washing must be careful. Bedding has no expiration date, but it can take a long time if you follow the maintenance instructions.

when the fabric starts to get rough or worn, it should be replaced. For long-term use, please change the sheets regularly. Every season, add new collections, but don’t throw the old ones away. Changing sheets means that it can be used longer, which is a good way to improve the overall appearance and feel of the bedroom.

From the perspective of environmental design, the application of home textile products in the living environment is a prominent point in the overall harmony. We must consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function, We should pay attention to the unity of local decoration and overall style of home environment.

from the perspective of health care

research shows that: 1 / 3 of people’s lives are in a state of sleep, whether the human body can get enough rest in sleep, largely determines the health of the body. Advocate the health and environmental protection of household products, and develop a series of health care products such as cotton and hemp series, chrysanthemum pillow, Maifan stone pillow, latex pillow, neck pillow, etc.

starting from the purpose of purchase

if the gift should be given according to the object of the gift, the newlyweds should be happy. If you want to send a new friend, you should consider the environment of the new house. For example, as a daily use, simple, convenient and practical single piece combination is a good choice. You can often change colors according to seasonal changes and personal needs to create a different atmosphere.

from the perspective of seasonal change,

the choice of bed products should change according to seasonal changes, such as spring and summer can choose fresh, jumping colors to create a fresh atmosphere, winter can choose warm colors to set off the warm visual effect. Quilt series should be about 3 Jin in summer, 4-5 Jin in spring and autumn and 6-8 Jin in winter. It also depends on personal habits and local climate.

Maintenance method

one important: often clean the pillowcases and sheets of bed products. It’s easy to bring the dust and bacteria to the bed products when lying on them after a tired day. Especially the pillow, when the weather is cold, few people wash their hair every day. As a result, the pillow is dirty. Regular cleaning can not only remove dirt and bacteria, but also maintain the life and comfort of bed products, which is very necessary.

two: for autumn and winter season, bed products are not often washed. Be sure to keep the four piece set of bedding clean and neat, and don’t throw the changed clothes on the bed at will. It’s best to go to bed after washing every day. Don’t let pets run to the bedding with pets. You can also wear a hat at night without a shampoo.

three to: often let the quilt or sheet change direction, generally speaking, our sleeping position is relatively fixed, easy to lead to bed pressure and different range of use, leading to bed partial fold or fade. Swap every three months or so. If it’s AB, you can use it in reverse. Make the bed products use evenly.

four important: the damage of humidity to goods is great. In particular, it has a strong invasion of textile goods. Therefore, keeping the bed dry is an important part to ensure its life and comfort. When you don’t sleep, you often open the window for ventilation, which can change the air in the room and make the bed products comfortable; Breathing & quot;, Kill two birds with one stone.

one don’t: do not expose to the sun when cleaning bedding. We all know the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction. It’s easy for the quilt to swell if it’s too long in the sun. If it’s a cotton bed product, it will also lead to falling off. If the silk is dried for a long time, it will deteriorate and break. It’s the same with other wool and down. Don’t sun them for a long time. Put it in a ventilated place for a few hours.

two don’t: it’s better to take out the filled items when drying, so that the sun can be quickly and the effect is good. For some more expensive and not directly like can be covered with a layer of tulle. Can protect from high temperature damage.

three don’t: it’s an old tradition in our country to pat hard when drying. The reason why we used to do this in the past was that the quilts were mostly cotton, and there were not so many expensive fabrics. Now you can’t clap hard when you clap. All cotton bedding set of four is better than the past, hard beating is easy to break the cotton fiber. Like silk, we can’t do that. Fold well after drying. Don’t have too many layers. Try to keep it natural.

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